Jordan White Says Marvel Universe Doesn't Have to Obey Laws of Logic

"It's magic. We don't have to explain it." Those were words famously said by then-Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, Joe Quesada, about the widely reviled events of One More Day, in which Spider-Man made a deal with Mephisto to save his Aunt May at the cost of erasing his marriage with Mary Jane from continuity.


Except, those weren't actually his words, at least not exactly. In a subsequent interview with CBR, Quesada clarified:

I didn't say those words. But, here's the thing, from what you're saying here, it's seems to me you're splitting hairs. You can suspend belief for some things, but not others? I would completely agree with you if the Marvel U didn't have magical based characters. I mean the Scarlet Witch said "no more mutants," and magically millions of mutants lost their powers because of "it." "It" being "Chaos Magic." While there is no explanation for Mephsito's magic, is it any different than Doctor Strange's or Wanda's? Whenever they've done things, it seems that "it's magic" is all the explanation fans have ever needed. So, not to be nit picky, but I don't see the difference?

Either way, it looks like power-mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White may be looking for his own "we don't have to explain it" moment in the latest edition of X-Men Monday at Adventures in Poor Taste. At least, provided we're willing to take it similarly out-of-context. Which we are. We're Bleeding Cool.

Jordan White Says Marvel Universe Doesn't Have to Obey Laws of Logic

Here's what White had to say when asked why the New X-Men haven't aged out of high school in 20 years.

Yeah, this is why it's not ideal that there are 71 different generations of mutants. The Marvel Universe can't really allow that much time to pass. I know fans HATE when I say Cyclops is only around 27 years old… but that's the official status. There are lots of arguments I have heard about why that is wrong, from it being impossible to have that many things happen in such a short time, to pointing out how much time has been said to pass, to just talking about his character and how he acts. Thankfully, the Marvel Universe does not have to obey the laws of physics or even (sometimes) logic. If you need an in-world explanation, Al Ewing lovingly provided one in his run on Ultimates that explained how a form of chronal gravity dragged past events along with the present, remaking the past as it moved forwards. Personally, I love that explanation. If that doesn't do it for you, you can go with my big reveal on Twitter a while back–that every panel of every comic book ever takes place in a completely different universe, we just string them together to simulate a continuing story.

This isn't the first time White has discussed Marvel time. Back in December, White engaged in a thorough discussion on Twitter about the subject.

Well, to be fair, "we don't have to obey the rules of logic" is somewhat better than "it's done with magnets."

Shocking that White didn't choose this song for his playlist this week.

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