Jorge Jimenez' New-Look Scarecrow For Infinite Frontier #0

It's Scarecrow time! Because in his most recent Empire Of The Tiny Onion newsletter, Batman writer James Tynion IV has been ripping asunder the very nature of commercial storytelling, and how each generation related to the other. But he has also been showing off the new look Scarecrow designed by Jorge Jimenez as he will appear in Infinite Frontier #0.

I'm so freaking excited about this year on Batman. While I'm showing off Jorge's art, I have to spotlight the absolutely incredible design he's put together for Scarecrow. I mean, just LOOK at him. I've been having an argument internally for years that we have to move away from the Batman Begins inspired "bag on a guy's head" look for Scarecrow, and get back to something that looks like it would be hanging on a post in a field. I've been saying the hat is necessary in the design, and boy oh boy did Jorge deliver…

New-Look Scarecrow For Infinite Frontier
Jorge Jimenez' New-Look Scarecrow For Infinite Frontier #0

Scarecrow is the big bad of the story we're telling in 2020. We're also going to be establishing the origins of The Magistrate Program, and see the origin of Peacekeeper One in present day. Miracle Molly, Peacekeeper One, and one other mysterious character are my crown jewel new characters for 2021. Gotta Catch 'Em All!

It all starts on March 2nd… With Infinite Frontier #0 (which features a few VERY VERY dramatic things that set up the whole year in Gotham City) and BATMAN #106…

And then we have Joker, by me and Guillem March later in the month. And I have a whole lot to say about that book, but I'm going to wait a little closer to launch to say it. But obviously, there's a new character in the mix in Joker who I am also very, very excited for you to meet.

Let Bleeding Cool to be the one to draw a few things together. Scarecrow is all about fear. The Magistrate and the Peacekeeper programme as seen in DC Future State is a result of people being afraid, of their saviours as much as threats against them. And it may well have been the Scarecrow who helped propagate that fear. So how come in Harley Quinn, he is so insignificant again? And what happened to swear him off coming the Scarecrow again? Let's find out in DC Infinite Frontier…

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