New Kickstarter Promotes "America's Sexiest Teenaged Transgendered Heroine" "Brazenly Baring Her Breasts"

Where to even start with this one? A new Kickstarter project whose press release unfortunately landed in our inbox today promotes The Sensational G-Girl, a comic book from Heroic Publishing that couldn't choose between profiting off the sexualization of teenagers or profiting off the fetishization of trans people, and so has decided to do both at the same time. Go big or go home; that's what we always say.

If you're wondering whether the Sensational G-Girl has nipples built into her metal bikini and sports a camel toe on the cover, wonder no longer — she does!

If you're wondering whether The Sensational G-Girl was transformed into teenage girl with a smokin' hot bod by bad guys against her will, we're pretty sure you're not catching on very quickly, but here's a the description anyway:

With this sixth issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, Billi Jayne's quest continues. Her mission is to find and stomp on the bad guys who magically transformed her from a hunky teenaged boy into into a gorgeous teenaged girl, and to rescue her kidnapped mother!

And if that's not sexy enough for you, don't worry. There are apparently 50 copies left of the the first issue of The Sensational G-Girl featuring "America's sexiest teenaged transgender heroine" in a self-proclaimed "naughty" cover by Gaetano Petrigno in which G-Girl is "brazenly baring her breasts."

You can get your hands on one of those for a $35 pledge, signed by creator Dennis Mallonee — because who wouldn't want to sign their name to something like that? One of the reward tiers also features a nude painting of G-Girl by Mark Beachum — only one available, sadly, but artist Gordon Purcell has "offered to do TWO hot, sexy, original drawings" of G-Girl at the $150 reward level. J. Adam Walters has also offered to draw one of two "sexy and clever" one-page vignettes — your choice between "G-Girl exits shower" and "G-Girl chides little brother" — for $175. G-Girl will be fully clothed in those, it seems, but a $250 reward level will get you an extra special one-pager in which G-Girl is "nude."

Here's a preview of the book's main story by David Berge and James Webb, who for their own sake are hopefully working under pen names, and another by Mallonee and Purcell:

We hesitate to give you the link to the Kickstarter, because we don't want our readers to end up on any FBI watch lists — but if we're being honest, you're probably all on there already. Especially you. Yes, you.

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