Late Night Fun – The 6 Steps To Making An Action Figure According To DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles is back with another installment of their DC Collectibles 101. We saw the anatomy of a action figure last time. This time they are showing us the six steps to making an action figure. But it feels like they may be simplifying the process too much.

Looking at step one… they say a concept sketch or reference art is pulled. What about the discussion about which figure to do, what pose it should be in, how certain parts will be either cutting or choking hazards and of course the ever important marketing/sales department signoff that the figure might make some money?

Step two: "the figure is then sculplted…" That seems a lot more difficult. Figuring out all the points of articulation, just how it's going to stay together. That feels like the old "How to draw Superman. First draw a circle… then draw Superman holding the circle…" step.

Between step 3 and 4… is the figure about to attack a Greek countryside with a group of Roman soldiers?

Step 5… how do you introduce a world like "sprue" and not define it? I know it's probably the excess plastic around the parts… but come on, sprue could also be the beetle like insects that swarm all action figures to steal their little plastic souls.

And the final step… the packaging. You know they spend a chunk of time testing the package design to make sure that you can't possibly open it without destroying the package completely and most probably breaking the figure making you have to go and buy another.

But hey… it's a nice looking infographic.


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