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McFarlane Toys Announces DC Comics Collectibles Takeover
DC Collectibles (also renamed DC Direct) gave fan a massive amount of amazing collectively over the years with new action figures like the DC Comics Designer Series, DCeased, and New 52 creations The company also was in charge of creating some of their amazing statues like their DC Bombshells, and the popular Batman Black and[...]
dark knight ascending
This time DC Collectibles has a 1/2 scale bust of Batman's cowl There is only 5000 pieces of this bad boy and comes on a simple display base The sharp ears and rubber design make it an instant classic for any fan of the series or the caped crusader himself. #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Poison Ivy and Friends Get New Statues from DC Collectibles
Each one is limited to only 5000 pieces just like most DC Collectibles pieces First up, the beautiful and eco-friendly Batman villain Poison Ivy She is posed blowing a kiss at the viewer and the color and design are perfectly crafted Her outfit is pretty slick and the ivy decoration look on her chest is[...]
Batman Becomes Feral with New DC Collectibles Statue
Batman is no longer the man he once was with a new DC Collectibles statue DC is bringing the New 52 Batman #6 cover alive wit a new statue from Greg Capullo This Batman is inspired by the famous Court of Owls storyline and now he more fearsome than ever Batmonster lives in this new 3D[...]
The Batman Who Laughs Comes to Batman the Animated Series
New DC Collectibles figures are on their way and this time Batman is getting animated once more with new Batman: The Adventures Continues There will be four new figures with two of them being a deadly delightful surprise First up we get a second version of animated Batman and he looks just you would imagine[...]
The Batman Who Laughs Strikes a Pose with DC Collectibles
DC Collectibles brings him home in this new 12 inch version of this fallen bat The statue is designed by Greg Capullo and is highly detailed and painted to excellence His is a statue you would not want to turn your back to when you sleep that is for sure.  The Batman Who Laughs DC Collectibles Statue is[...]
DC Collectibles Gives Us More Harley Quinn Statues
DC Collectibles are coming out with some amazing statue this time around and you can't have a release without Batman and Harley Quinn These two characters really have an amazing fanbase and DC knows it This time Harley Quinn is getting two more statues, one is new and the other is a version 2 The[...]
Superman Races The Flash in New DC Collectibles Statue 
Who would win the ultimate super race, Superman or Flash? DC Collectibles is bringing that question back to the fans as they show off their newest statue The statue shows off bother Superman and Flash getting ready to go toe to toe and finally settle the score I do like how they added effects under[...]
Mr. Freeze Starts Off the Batman Rogue Gallery with DC Collectibles
This time Batman's Rogue Gallery is coming into the spotlight with a new multi-part statue from DC Collectibles The first villain to come out of this complex statue system is Mr Freeze He is positioned leaning on the corner of a building with his freeze ray and life support suit The colors on his are[...]
The Batman Who Laughs Wants Blood in New DC Collectibles Statue
DC Collectibles brings that concept home with their newest 1:8th scale statue This premium statue features both characters in dynamic positions that not only features an incredible amount of detail but an amazing base The base is made up of skulls featuring not only Batman masks but the evil versions of Robin crawling out of[...]
Batman: War on Crime Gets a New DC Collectibles Statue
If you're a fan of Batman: War on Crime or just Batman himself this would be a great statue for your Batcave.  The Batman: War on Crime Alex Ross styled statue from DC collectibles will be priced at $200 They are limited edition to only 5000 pieces so make sure you act fast before they sell[...]
Dark Nights: Metal Collectibles Perfect for you this Holiday
DC Collectibles have created a wide variety of amazing Dark Nights: Metal Batman evils counterparts that are high-quality and packed with sculpting talent and detail A lot of the main characters have already been released, unlike the common Red Death, Dawnbreaker and Joker We get other ones like the Devastator Batman, the Batman fused with[...]
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DC Collectibles want to bring those characters to life… the afterlife that is with new DC Essentials figures So far there will be four figures being released all taking on zombie personas First up is the Joker who I'll be enough just looks like the Joker but just covered in blood However, the vibe here[...]
DC Essentials Gets Four New Figures Who Are Ready to Save the Day
DC Collectibles has announced that there will be new DC Essentials figures coming in the summer of 2020 It is unsure of these characters will come with accessories, I would be surprised if they didn't The first stop is Speed Force Flash this is an interesting character that I am not quite certain him but[...]