Leah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From Dynamite

Chastity is a superhero/horror character created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes who first appeared in Chaos Comics' Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell #1 in 1995. A punk rock fan turned vampire, though undetectable to other vampires and spiteful toward her fellow occult beings, she became an assassin and slayer of vampires. One of the many nineties 'bad girl' comics,  Chastity starred in her first miniseries in 1997, Theatre of Pain, and continued publication until Chas went bankrupt.  The Chaos! line was sold to comics retailer Tales of Wonder, which then sold them to Devil's Due Publishing. Though other Chaos! characters appeared in titles published by Devil's Due, Chastity did not.

Dynamite Entertainment now owns the majority of the Chaos! library and has been publishing titles starring the characters since 2014. Chastity appeared in the imprint-launching title Chaos written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Mirka Andolfo and has since starred in her own 2014 miniseries written by Marc Andreyko and drawn by Dave Acosta. Subsequent appearances include the Dynamite crossover event Swords of Sorrow, Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!, and a crossover with Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash.

Now she's back in September, for the Chaos 25th anniversary, though it looks a year early for her. Written by Leah Williams of Gwenpool and Barbarella/Dejah Thoris, and drawn by Zenescope artist Daniel Maine of Robyn Hood.

In this all-new entry to the Chaos! universe, Chastity has been kidnapped while auditioning for a prestigious burlesque show. She wakes up surrounded by other young women in chains on a spooky cruise ship. Her captors have made a VERY grave mistake, and they will learn that through Chastity's grindhouse rampage to free herself and her fellow victims.

Chastity is a young punk rock fan turned vampire. Unfortunately, didn't have the romantic kind of transformation, so she has made it her mission to hunt and slay her fellow occult beings. All while sporting some fun style and an equally killer attitude.

"Chastity's fascinating. She's one of western comics' original hottie bad girls!," said writer Leah Williams. "Even just from a technical standpoint, she's an interesting character to work with—she comes with this rich lore and years of history from her original run through Chaos! Comics, and got a fresh start at Dynamite introducing her to new generations of comics fans. She's a goth-punk half-vampire badass, but there's also something bombastic and high-energy about her brand of justice in particular—she's got attitude. This miniseries will be a lot of fun, and Daniel is the perfect artist for delivering a really kinetic and dynamic adventure with her."

Artist Daniel Maine adds, "This book is a challenge I couldn't let pass. I'd read Leah's previous work and was excited to work with her. I'm sure we can provide a new epic chapter in the story of this strong female character!"

"Chastity is someone who very much has a chip on her shoulder, and she doesn't back down to anyone. At the same time, she's got a compassionate side which she's not afraid to show—but she's also not afraid to stuff it away if she feels the need to rip out someone's throat," said editor Matt Idelson. "Seeing her in the hands of Leah and Daniel has been very interesting so far! Leah's tapping into her own versions of Chastity's two sides on the writing, and Daniel's doing beautiful work!"

The launch includes covers by Nick Bradshaw,  Catherine Nodet, David Nakayama, J. Scott Campbell and Jay Anacleto.

Leah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From DynamiteLeah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From Dynamite Leah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From Dynamite Leah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From Dynamite Leah Williams Launches New Chastity Series From Dynamite

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