Let's All Get A Peek At Mark Stafford And David Hine's New Graphic Novel, Lip Hook

Regular readers of Bleeding Cool will know that I believe Mark Stafford to be one of the most underrated comic book creators working today. If I was appointed a publisher, he would be my first hire.

But thankfully he's been involved with a series of creative collaborations with David Hine, which do make it to print. There was their graphic novel for SelfMadeHero, The Man Who Laughs, The Bad, Bad Place for Soaring Penguin's Meanwhile), a short strip for the Jeremy Corbyn comic and Quin Returns for the Kickstarted Broken Frontier anthology.

And now they have a new graphic novel from SelfMadeHero to announce. Liphook by Stafford and Hine. With funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain which makes it posh.

As part of that deal. the pair will be showing their working throughput, and have posted the first scripted pages, pencils and sketches right here. Hine says,

Lip Hook came about when Mark pointed out to me the true story of the murderous Magdalena Solis religious cult that sprang up in Mexico in the early 60s. We've shifted the location to an isolated, myth-steeped English village. The story is told through the eyes of an adolescent boy who is bemused and fascinated as he observes the conflict between traditional patriarchy and the powerful and mysterious women who gradually overturn the system, inflict chaos and ultimately take control of the village.

Take a look at what is to come…

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