Travis Hanson's Life Of The Party: The Realities Of A RPG'er – A Classy Affair

Mathew Quitney writes for Bleeding Cool.

Walking through the exhibitor hall, I stopped to look at some art and was told by the artist that if I could provide an idea, he would sketch it up for me. I came up with "Robot City." While sketching, the artist introduced himself as Travis Hanson. During the discussion, two more con-goers came up and he took their ideas down too.

Travis Hanson is an Eisner nominated illustrator and is the creator behind Life of the Party: The Realities of a RPG'er. The book is comprised of every comic from Hanson's daily online strip. It's softbound and has 90 pages of comics plus extras.

//credit Travis Hanson
//credit Travis Hanson

It allows me to play on my love of fantasy, lord of the rings, rugs, even Diablo.

The book looks at these worlds of fantasy from the players character's point-of-view, sometimes breaking the fourth wall along the way.

Travis Hanson
//Travis Hanson

Hanson recently ran a kickstarter campaign for the book that was massively successful. Looking for $7000 to put it together and print it, Hanson raised $88,696 through the campaign alone. While the Kickstarter may be over, interested readers can still pre-order their copies through Backerkit.

The Backerkit has a range of items available, from the book itself to various D&D gaming tools and original art. The book is scheduled to be released in September, but Hanson's Kickstarter fulfillment have always been early. He stated that the book should be ready by July, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con.

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