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2000 AD 45th Anniversary: Massive Online Comic Con is this weekend
Brace yourselves, Earthlets! – The Galaxy's Greatest: 2000 AD at 45, the star-studded online convention celebrating four and a half decades of the groundbreaking British Science Fiction anthology comic and home of Judge Dredd, is this weekend! At a time when things are slowly opening up and going back to normal, this might be the of[...]
Razer Logo
Razer announced today a slight change to how some customers can pick up items from their shop through an online purchase The company has launched a new system that will benefit players in Las Vegas and San Francisco as they can now order gear through their online shop, and then go pick it up at[...]
CrunchyRoll's Virtual Expo For 2020 Is This Weekend
CrunchyRoll's online convention, the succinctly-titled Virtual CrunchyRoll Expo 2020, is happening this weekend You can sign up for this totally-free event at the link provided We over here at Bleeding Cool have gotten the general line-up on events for the convention to share with you! At Virtual CrunchyRoll Expo 2020, you can explore the many districts[...]
Roll20's First Original Tabletop RPG To Launch July 7th
Online role-playing client Roll20 has announced its upcoming launch of Burn Bryte, their first original role-playing game. Burn Bryte is a "science-fantasy" game set in a far-off galaxy and took three years for Roll20's team to develop It will officially launch for the Roll20 client on July 7th of this year. Key art for the cover of Burn[...]
YouTube Red Greenlights Series from Dwayne Johnson, Dan Harmon
The projects were announced today during YouTube Red's presentation at Vidcon, the multi-genre online video conference, this past Thursday. Good Game is a new scripted comedy series that follows a new team of eSports players trying to both survive and succeed in the competitive gaming world Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson (stars of the popular video game[...]
Valiant Debuts Live-Action X-O Manowar And More on Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Variants
The Valiant Universe-themed photo variant covers for three upcoming releases will offer our first look at Valiant Entertainment's live-action versions of X-O Manowar, Archer, and Livewire from the upcoming online series. Here are the issues to keep an eye out for: Rapture #2 (June 2017): X-O Manowar (Derek Theler – Baby Daddy), Ninjak (Michael Rowe – Arrow), and Bloodshot (Jason David[...]
Travis Hanson's Life Of The Party: The Realities Of A RPG'er – A Classy Affair
The book is comprised of every comic from Hanson's daily online strip It's softbound and has 90 pages of comics plus extras. //credit Travis Hanson It allows me to play on my love of fantasy, lord of the rings, rugs, even Diablo. The book looks at these worlds of fantasy from the players character's point-of-view, sometimes breaking the[...]
Your Full Black Friday In Comics, State By State And Online (Walking Dead UPDATE)
Split by region and then online, here is the biggest guide to Black Friday Comics Sales we've been able to put together, from past columns and new ones Go spend money, and celebrate America Isn't it the same thing? UPDATE: Now buy youself a Negan toy, launching today, complete with Suzanne, in colour and B&W. Skybound will[...]
So How Did Amazing Spider-Man #700 Leak Anyway?
It was ended early after Marvel Comics intervened. It was listed by the owner of Comic Crusaders, an online comic book store based in Long Island, New York. He read his copy on the 13th of December before putting it on eBay for $50 the next day He also offered to take a photo of a scene[...]
Tron Enhanced Digital Comic Treats Readers Like Simpletons
Disney has launched a very swish HTML5 enhanced comic book format for its new Tron: Legacy online comic, launching today It's meant to only work on Internet Explorer 9, but it seems fine on Google Chrome (and dead on Firefox), and the comic is viewed in a continual sideways scrolling fashion As you "grab" one[...]
Rob Liefeld's Zombie Jesus Debuts
This is not a hoax. This is not a gag. This is not an imaginary story. The comic book currently being worked on by Rob Liefeld is called Zombie Jesus.