Lying In The Gutters – August 27th, 2017 – Charlottesville Cosplay Still Tops The Charts

I guess the Supergirl stories will be around in these charts for a while — though the Firefly story from earlier in the year threw us a little. The lenticular fuss continues to step up interest, and the Nerd Block story seems like it may be the start of big changes. So, what were you reading this week?

Lying In The Gutters – August 27th, 2017 – Charlottesville Cosplay Still Tops The Charts

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. We Talk To The Supergirl Cosplayer "Along For The Ride" At The White Nationalist Rally In Charlottesville
  2. The Supergirl Cosplayer Who Went To Charlottesville – Guess Whose Side She Was On
  3. Report: Fox Is Actually Considering Bringing Back Firefly, For Real This Time, We Promise
  4. Industry In Revolt As More Retailers Boycott Marvel Lenticular Covers
  5. Holocaust-Denying Star Wars Cosplay Designer Stands With White Nationalist-Rallying Supergirl Cosplayer
  6. The Change In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 That Pissed Fans Off
  7. xHamster To Wachowskis: Let's Make Beautiful Sense8 Music Together
  8. Marvel Doesn't Want You To Read Greg Rucka's Punisher
  9. Everything You Know About The Other Steve Rogers Was Wrong – Secret Empire #9 Spoilers
  10. The DC Universe And The Rebirth Of Finding Joy In Comics
  11. One Million Moms Runs 'Preacher' Spoilers In Attempt To Get AMC To Take It Off The Air
  12. Nerd Block Owes Diamond And Funko A Quarter Of A Million Each, And NYCC $150K
  13. Patty Jenkins Is Having None Of James Cameron's Wonder Woman Criticism
  14. Odin Did… What With The Phoenix? (Generations: Thors SPOILERS)
  15. James Cameron Trashes Wonder Woman As "Step Backward" And "Objectified"
  16. LEAKED: The Doomsday Clock Lenticular Cover Shows The Trinity, Via Rorschach's Face
  17. Has James Gunn's Elusive Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg Finally Been Found?
  18. More Evidence (If You Needed It) On The Identity Of Mr Oz In Today's Action Comics #986 (SPOILERS)
  19. Everything We Know About DC Comics Solicitations In November 2017 So Far (UPDATE)
  20. Joss Whedon Named As A "Hypocrite Preaching Feminist Ideals"

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. DC Comics Wanted Snyder And Capullo To Call It "Dark Crisis" – The Battle For The Soul Of Metal
  2. DC Comics Really Wants A Future With A Dead Batman And No Superheroes 
  3. 'Generations: Iron Man And Ironheart #1' Review: Awful And Utterly Bewildering
  4. Two More Well Known Retailers Join The Marvel Legacy Lenticular Dropout – Jetpack Comics And Jesse James' Comics
  5. DC Comics Reprint Retailer Exclusive Covers Of Metal #1 After Serious Print Flaws
  6. What Does The Kingpin Remember About Spider-Man: Family Business?
  7. Chuck Dixon – The Most Published Comic Book Writer Of All Time? 40,000 Pages On September 6th
  8. November Will Be The First Time Marvel Didn't Have A New #1 This Century
  9. The Final Page Of Spider-Man II #5 Will Be A Thing…
  10. Fighting American #1 Major Final Page Spoilers Over A Month Before Publication

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