Mad Love: Comics and Romance

So it's Valentines day. I am actually a fan of the holiday, I use it as an excuse to buy cute things for my best friend and my parents. I know most people poo-poo at this holiday, but hear me out. Romance is awesome. Love is great. I believe in a thing called love! And I also love romance in my comics. And because I want to celebrate love, below are my top five favorite comic book couples!

5) Batman and Catwoman:


There's no denying these two. For the better part of 70+ years, these two have been on again/off again/they have a kid in some worlds but at the end of the day, they do love each other. I could spend all day going over every single comic where they highlight these two, but I'm going to be a little unorthodox and focus on Batman Forever. When I saw Selina and Bruce dancing together, and then realizing who each other was, my 7 year old heart broke. There is actual chemistry between them in the movie, and the ending was pretty brutal for my heart strings. It's a shame they never explored these two after that movie, and instead we wound up with uh, Batnipples.

4) Mystique and Destiny:


While the two never came right out as lovers when Chris Claremont first created Destiny, that was his intention. However the Comics Code prohibited writing openly gay characters. While today is much different, Claremont had to reply on body language and clever dialogue to convey that the two were indeed lovers. It's tragic, but also beautiful. Destiny, aka Irene Adler, first met Mystique when she was living as a man, but it's clear they remained lovers and faithful companions for years.

3) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy:

Admittedly I'm a long time Poison Ivy fan. She's brooding, tends to be a loner, and really only likes plants. Of course that all changes when the fun loving yet deadly Harley Quinn smashes her way into Ivy's life. Harley of course has a long, complicated, and abusive relationship with the Joker. Ivy (and anyone) can see that Harley doesn't deserve the Joker's abuse, and needs to escape. She becomes rather protective of Harley, so much so that she creates a concoction that protects Harley from being poisoned. Of course their friendship blossoms into something more.

2) Kevin Keller and Clay Walker:

When Kevin was introduced to the world in Veronica #202, people were mostly thrilled that Riverdale finally had a gay character. Kevin fit in extremely well, and grew into his own. During the "Married Life" series, Kevin and his boyfriend Clay Walker tied the knot. The two are pillars of love and support for themselves and those around them, giving me serious relationship goals…save for the whole getting shot incident.

1) Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask:


Oh where to even begin. Two star crossed lovers, reincarnated on Earth, only to be torn away constantly by evil space witches. Be it Sailor Moon saving Tuxedo Mask from the clutches of evil, or Tuxedo Mask helping out Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Soldiers, these two always have each others back. Their love is strong enough to give Sailor Moon power ups every season, and its strong enough to revive her after a fight. The two eventually become King and Queen, where they still have to fight evil, but as long as they're together they can do almost anything. There's is a real Miracle Romance!


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