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Chris Claremont Returns To Wolverine In 2024 With Madripoor Knights
John Byrne is also creating sequels to his X-Men comic books, the only difference with this is that Marvel is publishing Chris Claremont's Because, yes this February 2024, X-Men writer Chris Claremont teams up with artist Edgar Salazar for a sequel to Uncanny X-Men #268. Having defined the character for decades in his legendary work on[...]
Any further suggestions in the comments are most welcome… Disney+ screencap of Secret Invasion S01E02 The credits have dropped the creators of Agent Ross from the first episode, but there are some new additions, which we have bolded, including Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Al Ewing, Jerry Ordway and Geraldo Sandoval Tell us if we are right, or[...]
The Full Comic Book Creator Credits In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3
He's just one of the many creators listed in the credits during their special thanks, before the post-credits scene… and the post-credits note. The ain character comic book creator credits from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 run as follows: Drax & Gamora created by JIM STARLIN Groot created by STAN LEE, LARRY LIEBER and JACK KIRBY Mantis created[...]
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Today sees the end of X-Treme X-Men that reunited the team of legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and his oft-creative partner Salvador Larroca However, it appears that is already working on a follow-up for Marvel Comics As editor Mark Basso states at the end of today's X-Treme X-Men #5… "while the X-Treme story has reached its[...]
The Avengers: We Salute Diana Rigg’s First Season as Emma Peel
Chris Claremont directly lifted from the secret society episode "A Touch of Brimstone" to create the Hellfire Club in the X-Men comics, the White Queen and the Black Queen's fetish corset directly taken from Emma Peel's costume in that episode. Dame Diana Rigg as Lady Oleanna Tyrell in "Game of Thrones," HBO What distinguished The Avengers was[...]
Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson joined the call first, talking about how they came to the X-Men – Chris Claremont just wanted to work with Dave Cockrum – and how they grew what would become the X-Men franchise from a cancelled comic to a mass movement, and a desire to tell real stories[...]
Marvel Talks X-Men 60th Anniversary At Midnight, March the 16th
Okay, it might not be midnight for you, but it will be in jolly olde England as I am sure Chris Claremont might put it The witching hour for the witchbreed To celebrate 60 years of the X-Men with a Marvel Unlimited Live Virtual Event on Thursday, March 16th at midnight GMT, 7pm ET and[...]
Interior preview page from GAMBIT #3 WHILCE PORTACIO COVER
Check out the preview below. Gambit #3 by Chris Claremont & Sid Kotian, cover by Whilce Portacio REMY'S RUSE AND WARHAWK'S RETURN! The problem? GAMBIT and 'RO have become a thorn in the side of mogul SOLARZ… The solution? The mercenary WARHAWK takes the fight to our heroes! The rebuttal? Remy gears up in his NEW suit, MARISSA[...]
Okay, Let's Try And Make This Chris Claremont Story Go Viral As Well
A few weeks ago, Chris Claremont made a few light-hearted comments at the Chicago comic book convention C2E2, as well as revealing some of his unpublished plans for Marvel Comics X-Men books… and it went a little viral And while I am sure some people objected to his comments, most commentary I saw was people[...]
Chris Claremont Wanted Kitty Pryde Black as the Shadow Panther
Comic book writer Chris Claremont was late for his C2E2 panel yesterday The most significant voices on the X-Men comic books at Marvel Comics over the decades, and responsible for much of the success of that franchise, through the seventies, eighties and nineties,, these days he has been writing occasional solo past-continuity X-Men comic books[...]
First Look at X-Treme X-Men² Covers, X-Treme Marvel Variants
Bleeding Cool brought you the wonderful news last week: legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont's next project at Marvel will be X-Treme X-Men² Yes, "squared." It's not just Jonathan Hickman who can use clever numerology in his titles! Now, from the Diamond Retailer lunch as Dan Diego Comic-Con, we have our first look at some of[...]
Chris Claremont Talking With Marvel About New X-Men Project with Salvador Larroca
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Chris Claremont's New Marvel Comic Is… X-Treme X-Men² Chris Claremont's New Marvel Comic Is… X-Treme X-Men² Jersey Shore 2.NO? MTV Pauses Reality Show Reboot Filming Hasbro Debuts Legends Spider-Man: No Way Home Three Peters Pack Amanda Conner's Hot And Messy Artbook Comes With Content Warnings Oni Press Issue Statement About[...]
Chris Claremont Talking With Marvel About New X-Men Project with Salvador Larroca
Yesterday Bleeding Cool mentioned that, at the end of a two-hour interview between our good friend Omar at Near Mint Comics, Chris Claremont dropped some upcoming plans, to follow his delayed Gambit series with Sid Kotian that will be launching at the end of the month He stated that "Gambit will launch in two weeks and somewhere at the end of[...]
A New Chris Claremont X-Men Comic For November 2022?
Talking at the end of a two-hour interview between our good friend Omar at Near Mint Comics, Chris Claremont dropped some upcoming plans, to follow his delayed Gambit series with Sid Kotian that will be launching at the end of the month. "Gambit will launch in two weeks and somewhere at the end of the month,[...]
Marvel Comics Says Goodbye To Conan Today (Mostly)
and a pleasure digging deeper into the-lore and expanding it with the likes of Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson, Travis Lanham, Esad Ribic, Roy Thomas, Jim Zub, Gerry Duggan, Meredith Finch, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Kevin Eastman, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Christopher Priest, Frank Tieri, Steven S DeKnight, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Ron Garney,[...]
Wolverine Becomes Patch, Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Written by Chris Claremont and featuring art by John Buscema and Klaus Janson, it does not do what everyone probably expected back then, instead of introducing us to Logan's alter ego Patch and his adventures in Madripoor, which are now being revisited in Wolverine-Patch The first issue of that series came out this week and[...]
X-Men Solicits
But more importantly, Gambit will be the star of a new ongoing series by Chris Claremont and Sid Kotian, a series set in the past, after he meets young Storm, but before he joins the X-Men It's easy to see how the Marvel brain trust could find it somehow neater to kill off the current[...]
Marvel May 2022 Solicitations
It was July last year that Bleeding Cool reported that Chris Claremont was writing a new Gambit comic book series for Marvel And now it has been solicited for May 2022, drawn by Sid Kotian. When Claremont first wrote Gambit, he was a man of mystery And while other writers revealed some of that mystery, it[...]
Full Marvel Comics March 2022 Solicits And Solicitations
Everybody knows that Chris Claremont's original run on Uncanny X-Men, lasting from 1975 to 1991, is the greatest comic book run of all time But what about the second? Why, of course, that would be Claremont's triumphant return to the X-Men with Revolution in 2000, leading to the launch of X-Treme X-Men with Salvador Larroca.*[...]
Marvel Finally Announces Gambit by Chris Claremont and Sid Kotian
For years, Marvel has paid Chris Claremont, the greatest comic book writer of all time, not to write comics Why anyone would do such a thing has always been beyond even me, the most cynical of all comic book "journalists." Was it spite? Marvel's typical agism? Or are the stuffed suits that have been running[...]
Marvel Reveals Details on Chris Claremont's X-Men Legends Story
Last week, we told you about Chris Claremont's long-awaited debut in X-Men Legends, set for February's X-Men Legends #12 and mentioned in passing at the end of a press release about January's X-Men Legends #11, which will feature a New Mutants story by Louise and Walt Simonson This week, Marvel revealed the details of Claremont's[...]
Chris Claremont Finally Comes to X-Men Legends in February
Louise and Walt Simonson are returning to X-Men Legends this January for a new story featuring classic New Mutants, and in February, Chris Claremont finally makes his X-Men Legends debut Marvel dropped this double-whammy news in a press release on announcing upcoming stories in the series, which returns legendary X-Men creators to the classic[...]
Chris Claremont Definitely Writing New Gambit Comic Series
That's how the fourth issue of the as-yet-unannounced Gambit series written by Chris Claremont goes, as he posts a few Instagram photos of his plush Lockheed the Dragon on his desk Back in July he was, posting on Instagram saying "sitting by the shore of the bay watching the storm roll in Grabbing a tad[...]
Chris Claremont Teases Gambit Comics Series
Chris Claremont is living his best life, posting on Instagram saying "sitting by the shore of the bay watching the storm roll in Grabbing a tad of reward time after finishing Ga***t 3 Plus lots of other crazy stuff Nothing like playing catch-up on deadlines And having fun as wind picks up and lightning flares[...]
Chris Claremont Came Up With Idea for Magneto to Terraform Mars
It was also, for living legend Chris Claremont, a familiar story. "So here's an interesting question: a couple of years ago, give or take, I was structuring out X-Men Black, Magneto Opening scene at the Gold Star Inn, concluding scene with him busting captured mutant kids out of a lockup guarded by Warden," Claremont wrote on[...]
When Professor X Woke Up In Bondage Gear- Original Artwork at Auction
Professor X? What's with the get-up? Much has been made of Chris Claremont's personal obsessions and interests turning up in X-Men comic books, from certain bands and fashions, to TV shows and films So, when Professor X was kidnapped by Callisto of the Morlocks, who had a certain aesthetic, and woke up in a similar[...]
Jim Lee X-Men, WildCATS and Punisher Original Artwork at Auction
Such as a handful of pages of Jim Lee's original art pages from X-Men with Chris Claremont, WildCATS with Alan Moore, and even a little Punisher and Ghost Rider But we started with a creation of Jim Lee for Marvel, Jubilee… Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Karl Altstaetter Uncanny X-Men #275 Story Page 38 Original Art (Marvel, 1991)[...]
X-Men #4 cover by Jack Kirby (Marvel, 1964)
544, the final issue published 48 years later. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ #60 Signature Series: Neal Adams and Stan Lee #4 Signature Series: Stan Lee #1 Signature Series: Stan Lee Giant-Size #1 Signature Series: Stan Lee and Len Wein #94 Signature Series: Stan[...]
Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10?
Especially when one has become quite the collectible item, The Avengers Annual #10 by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden And featuring the first appearance of the X-Men characters, Rogue and Madelyne Pryor. Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10? Not that you'd recognise them so much Rogue first appears as a villain, part of[...]