Malakai Black Rips Into Dirt Sheets, Says He's Not Leaving AEW

Malakai Black has set the record straight on his status with AEW… again. After posting a detailed message to Instagram earlier this month, Black took to the social media service again with a live stream in which he further clarified that he is not leaving AEW and will be back in a few weeks or a few months. Black also ripped into dirt sheets for reporting rumors that he had received a conditional release from the company and wanted to return to WWE.

Malakai Black debuts on AEW Dynamite
Malakai Black debuts on AEW Dynamite

"In a time where I'm supposed to take care of myself and kind of wind down, I have to deal with this kind of stupid bulls*** from people who are not in the business and pretending that they are in the business with all their sources," said Black in comments that were transcribed by 411 Wrestling and used here. "You know, the worst thing about it is for the past three days, nothing but weird, hateful comments, and today, even two death threats. Death threats? Death threats? You wish death upon a person because of what someone else had said, and then say that it's confirmed? It's not confirmed. Clearly, it's not confirmed. None of it's confirmed! There's no confirmation because I haven't left. That's what this whole thing was about. I've been given time off by Tony [Khan] to take care of a bunch of stuff. All this stuff has been cleared up like weeks, weeks ago! All this stuff was weeks ago."

Black said that he has received death threats since reports he would leave AEW broke and said he doesn't take part in AEW vs. WWE tribalism. He then further ripped into dirt sheets for rumormongering and clickbaiting. "They don't care about your mental health. They don't care about your feelings, they don't care about my wife, they don't care about my family. They don't give a s***. All they want is dumb clicks with stuff that they're making up. Because they're tying bridges between things that are no longer there, they're tying things… that don't exist. Because they want the narrative to exist. But again, I'm sure, tomorrow there will be a different narrative, and tomorrow it'll be, 'Oh, we got the wrong information. Oh, we heard it from this. Don't blame us, we're just reporting.' A real person will own up to their bullshit. They will own up to their words and then say, you know what? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

Yeah! How dare all you clickbait websites irresponsibly report these baseless rumors just to get those sweet, sweet clicks! *looks around sheepishly*

Black said of his return, "I'll be back in a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months. As I said, I'm only taking some time off. Just taking some time off. That's it. There's no conspiracy to this. Just taking some time, alright? I will see you guys. Take care of yourselves. Stop believing any other narrative. Right now, I've debunked it. There's nothing going on. Don't believe these people. Yeah? Don't write — don't believe it, nothing! I'm fine, I'm going to be fine, everything is fine. You'll see me right back with AEW pretty soon. I'm just going to take some time. That's it."

Another member of the House of Black, Buddy Matthews, has also been the subject of dirt sheet reports he wants to leave AEW and return to WWE, and he's also said he's taking some time off to recalibrate. However, Matthews also responded to rumors of his status with the following meme:

Whatever is going on with everyone, all we can do is wish them the best, and hope that fans can now refrain from sending death threats to anyone (though that is probably hoping for too much).

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