Manta Comics Announces 3 New Romance Series

Manta Comics, one of the leading digital comics platforms, today revealed three new original series created by its in-house studio that will make up its wintry romance lineup for the remainder of 2022. Premiering on the platform in November and December will be I've Become a True VillainessMokrin, and The Dilettante.

Manta Comics Announces 3 New Romance Series
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Manta Romance Comics

Manta Comics Announces 3 New Romance Series
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I've Become a True Villainess is a fantasy-romance story of a young woman, a graduate student, who dies and is reincarnated as the villain in a romance novel. Having read this novel herself, the protagonist knows that her "character" dies at the end, so she must find a way to change the story's plot and find her own true love in order to survive. I've Become a True Villainess premieres November 30.

Manta Comics Announces 3 New Romance Series
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Mokrin takes readers to Danwol Island, home to the Cho Tribe, whose 200-year-long peace is broken when the warlike Gui-heol Tribe invades. Love quickly complicates the tension between the tribes, and a choice of marriage lies on the table as a way to save both people from war. Mokrin premieres December 12.

Manta Comics Announces 3 New Romance Series
"The Diletante" logo: Manta

The Dilettante is a high-octane story of love centered around top counter-terrorism agent Hana Lee. When she receives the news of her twin brother's passing, she is unable to accept that he is dead. Lee sets out to uncover the truth, but the path is not an easy one, both endangering her and confusing her heart. The Dilettante premieres on December 27.

Manta team is an old hand at creating romance stories, having created and published wildly popular series such as Under the Oak TreeThe Tainted Half, and Disobey the Duke if You Dare. Manta will continue to update, expand, and diversify its romance collection, and this upcoming trio of Winter series is Manta's latest efforts to surprise and delight fans of the genre. The Manta App is free to download on Google Play and App Store.


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