Mark Brooks Stands Up for Breasts and Feet on Uncanny X-Men #1 Variants

Superstar artist Mark Brooks has chosen a side in the ongoing schism over whether or not to draw feet on Uncanny X-Men covers, and Brooks indisputably stands on the side of feet. But in a new twist, Brooks has decided to weigh in on another body part, vowing to donate 10% of the sales of these ultra-rare variants to charity for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Brooks revealed the plan on Facebook, saying:

Here's my first 2 covers for Uncanny X-Men #1(covers A and B). There is a 3rd completely different cover that I will be debuting tomorrow so make sure to check back.

And because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month we are donating 10% of the sales to charity!

All 3 covers go on sale Wednesday(10/24) at 7pm EST. In addition, when you buy all 3 covers, you get a copy of Jeff Dekal's Uncanny X-men #1 variant for free! So set your alarms for Wednesday and check back tomorrow for the 3rd cover.

Brooks joins the company of Cliff ChiangDave CockrumJen BartelElizabeth Torque, Leinil Francis YuCarlos PachecoDavid Finch, and Skottie Young in clearly depicting feet on their Uncanny X-Men covers. On the no feet side: David MarquezRob Liefeld (shocker!)John Tyler ChristopherScott WilliamsMarco DjurdjevicJoe QuesadaJim Cheung, and Yu again, who drew multiple covers, some with feet and some without.

But while feet have been a hot-button issue that's split the comic book industry in twain, we're pretty sure that everyone can get on board with supporting breast cancer awareness. Check out the covers below, and head here to purchase these variants, $14.99 for the one with the logo (3000 printed) and $24.99 for the one without (1500 printed).

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