Mark Millar Rings in the New Year with George Galloway on Russian Propaganda Network

Comics' greatest propagandist, Mark Millar, will be spending New Years Eve with Russia's greatest international propaganda network, according to a tweet from Sputnik, a show on RT, a Russian state-funded international television network.

You may remember RT as the network to which Trump ally, former Minnesota  governor, and pro wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura went to after claiming Hollywood blacklisted him for trash talking American Sniper Chris Kyle, and after Ventura received the personal assurances of Russian President Vladimir Putin that his views would not be censored on the network. Sputnik has been hyping Millar's appearance for the past several days in a series of tweets:

As mentioned in the tweet above, Millar was the writer of Superman: Red Son, a comic book that asks the question: what if Superman's rocket landed in the USSR instead of Kansas? Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett, Andrew Robinson, Walden Wong, and Paul Mount handled art on the three-issue prestige series. That should serve as the perfect bridge between the Scottish comic book mogul and Russia Today's loyal viewers.

As for Sputnik, the show is hosted by George Galloway, pro-Brexit Scottish politician and TV host, whom Millar has expressed support for in the past:

Galloway was also a supporter of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime, Russia's stance in the Syrian Civil War, and the Iranian government, as well as the subject of various controversies too numerous to name here. Oh, and there's also this, from Galloway's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother:

The special is airing all day on RT, and you can also watch the interview with Millar below:


One day (and very soon), our guest this week will be the most famous Scotsman in the world and you'll thank us for introducing you to his work. A multi-award-winning writer, he's breathing new life into comic book heroes such as the X-Men, Spiderman, and the Fantastic Four, and fast becoming a most unlikely Hollywood mogul who doesn't own a smartphone and even picks his own kids up from school. But even more unlikely, he's a socialist, a Brexiteer, and a Roman Catholic. At the tender age of 13, he made Superman a communist and asked what if he had been brought up in the Soviet Union instead of the US, and had landed on a collective farm in the Ukraine rather than in Kansas… and had worked not for 'truth, justice and the American way' but for Stalin and the USSR. Mark Millar MBE is a Renaissance man, or whatever they call such a man when he comes from Coatbridge, Scotland, so we invited him aboard Sputnik for a very special journey orbiting his very own 'Millarworld.'

Mark Millar Rings in the New Year with George Galloway on Russian Propaganda Network

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