THE ISSUE: A Vintage Daily Graphic in 1879, "The Smoldering Fire"

Welcome to a regular column about vintage comics and other vintage periodicals from throughout world history that I'm calling The Issue.  The idea behind The Issue is simple:  for each post, I'll choose something from my collection and talk about what's going on in it, and/or discuss the publishers and creators behind it.  And essentially […]

stranger things

"Stranger Things 4": Hopper's Back… Back Again… [TEASER]

We're not gonna lie: we were expecting a teaser or trailer for Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 during the TCA winter press event… during the Academy Awards… in fact, we were "calling it" about five times – and nothing. So of course they would blindside us with a […]

Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky Calls Adult Comic Book Readers Morons

Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky Calls Adult Comic Book Readers Morons

Not wanting Brazilian officials to have all the stupid fun this weekend, Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian Minister of Culture, sparked international outcry at the 32nd Moscow International Book Fair when he said that adult comic book readers are "morons." Medinsky admitted that comics were good for children up to age seven or eight, but not […]

Russian Robot War Aftermath Dead Kings #1 Review: Shaky Start, But Intriguing

It seems there's no escaping Russia in the popular imagination at the moment – whether it is in the news with Putin's hijinks subverting elections, mistakingly poisoning random British citizens and (worst of all) trolling Star Wars fans, or Tom King playing out his fantasy of punching Russians in the current Batman storyline. Writer Steve […]

Amazon: Matthew Weiner's 'The Romanoffs' Teaser Lists Previously Unannounced Guest Stars

After months of casting announcements and as much drama behind the scenes as in front of the camera, Amazon Prime Video has released the first official teaser for The Romanoffs, a contemporary anthology series created, written, directed, and executive produced by Emmy award winner Matthew Weiner (Mad Men). Set to premiere on the streaming service on Friday, October 12, […]

Russia's Future in the DC Universe from Doomsday Clock: The People's Heroes

The new issue of Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen and published by DC Comics, is showing the future of the DC Universe Earth and the superheroes who live on it, around the world. The Supermen Theory, currently causing global uproar, points out that 97% of the superheroes […]


Twitch Gets Blocked By Russia Along With Other Google and Amazon Properties

In Russia, government blocks you. Yep, we went for a Yakov Smirnoff intro. According to several sites today, Russian authorities have blocked off it's citizens from having access to Twitch, along with several other sites owned or operated by Google and Amazon. The news started trickling in via social media and Reddit, the biggest one making […]

Amidst Trump/Bezos Feud, Amazon Releases Rocky and Bullwinkle Trailer

Another shot has been fired in the ongoing war between President Donald Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, owner of hated Trump rival the Washington Post. Amazon released a trailer this week for The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, a new Amazon Prime original series bringing back the classic cartoon characters for old and new fans […]

'Orient Express' Duo Kenneth Branagh, Mark Gordon Adapting 'A Gentleman in Moscow' for TV

Murder on the Orient Express's Kenneth Branagh appears to be going the "stay-cation" route with his newest project, re-teaming with Mark Gordon to star/produce Entertainment One's television adaptation of Amor Towles's novel A Gentleman in Moscow. Entertainment One optioned the book's series rights in 2017 from publisher Viking, a division of Penguin Random House in North America, […]

mark millar

Mark Millar Rings in the New Year with George Galloway on Russian Propaganda Network

Comics' greatest propagandist, Mark Millar, will be spending New Years Eve with Russia's greatest international propaganda network, according to a tweet from Sputnik, a show on RT, a Russian state-funded international television network. You may remember RT as the network to which Trump ally, former Minnesota  governor, and pro wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura went […]

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp Will Be a Romantic Comedy, Claims Russian Film Site

The upcoming Marvel Studios Ant-Man and the Wasp will be a romantic comedy, according to a report from Russian film website Kinometro, which the American clickbait media is taking and running with on this slow news weekend. The story comes via a single line in a report about upcoming films from a Russian film event […]

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Russian Convicted For Reposting Satirical Cartoons About Jesus

The Russian legal system has convicted 32-year-old Viktor Nochevnov and fined him for reposting satirical cartoons about Jesus Christ. A Sochi court (near the Black Sea) has found him guilty of offending religious believers' feelings, specifically those of the Russian Orthodox Church. Radio Free Europe reports that he posted the cartoons on the Russian social […]

[RUMOR]: Wonder Woman 2 Has Her Fighting The USSR

We're already getting some news about the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns will be apparently tag-teaming the screenplay which has Gal Gadot's Amazon Princess throwing down with the Soviet Union itself in the 1980's. This news has been broken by the Vulture, the Wrap, and, originally, by ScreenRant. Making sure this […]

Colbert Taking 'Late Show' To Russia Because He Can

In a move that has absolutely nothing to do with his late-night war with President Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert is currently in Russia "on assignment" developing a segment for his CBS late-night series, The Late Show. The late-night talk show is in repeats this Thursday and Friday, with Colbert expected to return to the Late […]

'Pokémon Go' YouTuber Facing Prison Time For Gaming In A Russian Church

Let's be honest here, if you're someone who actually still goes to church and you decide that's the moment you really need to play Pokémon Go, you may need to rethink your priorities in life. But one man in Russia is learning that the hard way over this video. Ruslan Sokolovsky is a YouTuber who, in […]

Report: Russia Could Ban Beauty And The Beast Over Gay LeFou Scenes

Russia is considering banning the upcoming release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast due to the appearance of the company's first openly gay movie character. According to BBC News, politician Vitaly Milonov has asked Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky to hold a screening of the movie to determine whether it violate's the country's messed up gay propaganda laws, […]