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Marvel Cancels Savage Avengers with January's Savage Avengers #28

Marvel has canceled Savage Avengers, with the series set to end in January with Savage Avengers #28. In a rare move, Marvel actually admitted the series will end right in the solicit, revealed alongside Marvel's full January solicitations.

All good things must come to an end. This volume of SAVAGE AVENGERS concludes after an epic 28-chapter run, and it ends as it began: with a good old-fashioned stabbing. CROM WITNESSES YOU, SAVAGE AVENGERS READERS. Thank you for the adventure.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

When Savage Avengers was first announced, then series artist Mike Deodato described it as "a farewell gift" from Marvel, "an opportunity for me to revisit all the characters I care the most in Marvel Universe." But Deodato was the artist for just five issues, and the series went on to Savage Avengers #28, which you have to admit is a pretty great run by modern standards.

And look, we know what you're going to say. Bleeding Cool, the solicit says the book is ending, but your headline says it's canceled. In fact, writer Gerry Duggan just said the same thing last month about Hellions!

Hey, you're preaching to the choir, man. Stories with endings are great. And maybe this book was planned from the very start to be exactly 28 issues, and Savage Avengers #28 is the perfect ending point. But on the other hand, Amazing Spider-Man hasn't ended just because Nick Spencer no longer wanted to write it. All we're saying is that if Marvel thought it would be lucrative to continue Savage Avengers with a new creative team, they'd have Greg Land and Gerry Duggan on that– no, wait, Duggan is the one leaving. Uh, they'd have Greg Land and Kelly Thompson on that sucker faster than you can say "number one issue relaunch." But that's not what's happening. Besides, saying that a series that's ending has been canceled is one of Bleeding Cool's 22 Salacious Clickbait Headlines That Always Work. We're basically contractually obligated to say it!

So call it what you want. An ending. A cancellation. A conscious unpublishing. Whatever. The bottom line is that Savage Avengers got 28 issues, which is frankly a triumph for a series whose core concept was basically "let's exploit the heck out of that Conan IP because we paid so much damn for it."And as an added bonus? Savage Avengers isn't screwing you on the way out the door with a $9.99 oversized final issue. And for that, we salute you, Savage Avengers. Have a very happy conscious unpublishing.

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