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Cover image for Savage Avengers #28
Savage Avengers comes to an end with Savage Avengers #28 on Wednesday, lasting about 27 issues longer than anyone thought it would Check out the preview below. Savage Avengers #28 by Gerry Duggan & Patch Zircher, cover by Valerio Giangiordano All good things must come to an end This volume of SAVAGE AVENGERS concludes after an epic 28-chapter[...]
Cover image for Savage Avengers #27
Of course, previews wouldn't be complete (according to the Bleeding Cool handbook) without SEO-rich keyword text in the opening paragraph and a clickbait headline, so that's what you're gonna get, baby! Savage Avengers comes to end next month, so enjoy this preview of Savage Avengers #27 while you still can, true believers! Check out the[...]
Cover image for Savage Avengers #26
We're getting into the final stretch of Saturday Night Previews, and it's time for a preview of Savage Avengers #26 Old Man Conan is dead in this one, killed by Kulan Gath in a shocking twist that will last at least until shortly after the preview is over Check it out below, true believers! SAVAGE AVENGERS[...]
Full Marvel Comics January 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
Marvel has canceled Savage Avengers, with the series set to end in January with Savage Avengers #28 In a rare move, Marvel actually admitted the series will end right in the solicit, revealed alongside Marvel's full January solicitations. SAVAGE AVENGERS #28 GERRY DUGGAN (W) • PATCH ZIRCHER (A) Cover by VALERIO GIANGIORDANO VARIANT COVER BY KYLE HOTZ All good things[...]
And the end of his time, in Savage Avengers #25, King Conan in his Doctor Doom suit still has fond memories of his time among the mutants, or at least Wolverine, and all that this brought With Krakoa clearly having a history… Savage Avengers #25 But mutant prejudice is spreading, in Excalibur #24, the vampires of Otherworld[...]
Cover image for SAVAGE AVENGERS #24
Savage Avengers #24 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and things are looking pretty grim for the titular Savage Avengers, as Kulan Gath is even more powerful than usual having absorbed the powers of an Elder God Now, Doctor Strange must call upon the heroes of the Marvel Universe to stop him, but[...]
Cover image for SAVAGE AVENGERS #23
Savage Avengers #23 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, as Doctor Strange tries to squeeze in as many appearances as possible before his upcoming shocking death in the not-so-shocking Marvel shocking character death mini-series super-mega-crossover event, The Death of Doctor Strange In this preview, we learn why the good Doctor isn't long for[...]
Savage Avengers Reveals Conan The Barbarians's Greatest Fear (Spoilers)
This week's Savage Avengers #22from Marvel Comics sees a time-travelled Conan living in the modern-day Marvel Universe and teaming with the more ruthless Marvel characters, from Wolverine to Venom to Elektra (but not the Punisher anymore).  And now with the Ghost Rider, which gives Conan a reason to flashback to the Ghost Rider he knew[...]
Cover image for SAVAGE AVENGERS #21
In this preview of Savage Avengers #21, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, the White Queen pays a visit to the Hellfire Mansion, which is currently occupied by Conan the Barbarian… and a couple of babes he spent the night with Things get a little heavy when Emma orders Conan around, and when Conan[...]
John Walker USAgent Will Continue In United States Of Captain America
Well, today, Savage Avengers #20 from Marvel Comics takes another reference leap, with Spider-Man making a veiled reference to having an OnlyFans page. "OnlyNeighbors" – which would suit your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man A joke, of course, but once the idea is in there, why not? In Amazing Spider-Man he right now, he is pretty much there[...]
Krakoan X-Men - Cable #9, Excalibur #19
But in books like Savage Avengers and King In Black: Scream out today, it is still all to play for So in Savage Avengers #19, we get Cyclops and Storm, still Knullified. Savage Avengers #19 With the King In Black, Knull, taking special interest in possessing Storm and declaring her the most powerful of all his possessed[...]
Krakoan X-Men - Cable #9, Excalibur #19
And Old Man Cable. Cable #9 While Savage Avengers, dealing with King In Black, sees Conan give Iceman some new inspiration. Savage Avengers #19 He's out these days, Conan, he's fine with it But it may be that he has other secrets, some that he is not aware of himself. Savage Avengers #19 It's not the first time that it has[...]
King In Black
In Deadpool #10, Deadpool has to take emergency action to avoid being taken. Deadpool #10 Not something afforded to Jeff The Land Shark. Deadpool #10 While in Savage Avengers, Deadpool dodges infection again, But Conan is another story, Savage Avengers #17 As Knull remembers when Conan worse the Venom symbiote earlier in Savage Avengers, and left a piece behind. Savage Avengers #17 He[...]
Claws And Hands
Today sees the publication of Savage Avengers #17, Deadpool #10, Amazing Spider-Man #58 and Wolverine #9 from  Marvel Comics, and has something unintentional connecting them all As Deadpool despairs that Wolverine is part of the Krakoa X-Men comic books now and has no time for Wade. Savage Avengers #17 And it begins with Conan The Barbarian in Savage[...]
King In Black
But as one Deadpool door closes, another opens, and Deadpool is after all in two King In Black crossovers today, including Savage Avengers #17 Which also gives us the idea of another crossover. Savage Avengers #17 Judge Dredd was based on an overexaggerated version of police wearing riot gear, back in the seventies And in the last[...]