Marvel Experience Deletes Criticism On Facebook


After receiving repeated criticism on Yelp for the Marvel Experience event in Scottsdale, Arizona – soon to be rolled out across the USA – the organisers have begun deleting criticism on the site's Facebook page and blocking those who have criticised the event from posting again.

One reader, Jeff Moriarty, writes,

The Marvel Experience has blocked me from their page. They were sponsoring an ad that appeared in my Timeline saying how great it was, and I replied to it with a link to the article about the many technical problems they've had and asked them about it. Now I can't interact with their page at all.

To recap, they pay to advertise something that shows up in MY feed – I didn't ask to see it. Then when I simply link to a critical article, they block me. That's both some clueless social media response, and (to me) a sign of a really bad product trying to do damage control. Screw you, Marvel.


That was the Bleeding Cool article he was talking about. He told us,

Now today they are scrubbing their page for anyone who mentions your posts, or has any overly negative review. Anything bad vanishes fairly shortly after posting. They're doing deletion damage control.

Other posters report,

Ben Southgate If there is any truth in good marketing, it's a lie!!!!!!

I have also been blocked from what I can see. All negative comments have been removed from their page. I was contacted via a reply to a post to contact them which I hadn't yet had time to do. I
logged in today to get that email address and write to them to find out my post had been deleted along with several others.

I now see a post staying people Re raving about it. Umm what a crock! The reviews for it are appalling. Check out Google and yelp.

I will contact ticket master tomorrow for our refund. I am disappointed they haven't attempted to address people's concerns and complaints.

I would like to see them offer me a complimentary return to redeem themselves.


Devon Adams I'm blocked too now and anything negative is scrubbed. (I commented on the negative reviews with the bleeding cool review.)

It's one way to deal with criticism, Not one I'd recommend though… local Fox News is on the case!

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