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Arizona Comic Store Owner Faces Murder Trial
Apache Comics & Toys of Mesa, Arizona, closed its doors back in April due to the coronavirus shutdowns but unlike most comic book stores, has not reopened since, declaring itself permanently closed There may be other pressing matters at mind, however, that have taken their attention through the year. Tony Gushee, the owner of Apache[...]
When Donald Trump visited Phoenix, Arizona last week, he was pushing states to begin to reopen parts of their economies, while also acknowledging "some people will be affected badly" Governor Doug Ducey has announced that restrictions on some businesses would be lifted soon, saying that the state is "headed in the right direction". Arizona Comics Shops,[...]
WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Will Be Corey-iest Royal Rumble Ever
With the WWE's Royal Rumble claw-holding its way to Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, the WWE Universe now knows the names of the voices in their heads when the first bell rings this Sunday, January 27th Originating from Ontario, Canada, in 1988, the Royal Rumble is one of the professional wrestling company's more popular PPVs and[...]
Arizona Inmates Denied Previews Catalog With Back To The Future
IDW's Editor in Chief Chris Ryall posted to his Facebook page that he has learned that a prison in Arizona blocked inmates from receiving the Previews catalog with the cover of Back to the Future.because of nudity. I couldn't imagine that IDW would put nudity on a cover of Back to the Future, and even if they[...]
Comic Cons And Tax Codes – Updated
It ended up with me have a business license in the state of Arizona that would expire the weekend before the next convention Meaning I had to pay $50 for a license to sell comics for four days, and for some folks that is a big chunk of what they end up netting for the[...]
Weather Hits Comic Book Deliveries In Arizona (UPDATE)
Bleeding Cool is getting reports that comic stores in Arizona at least did not receive comics yesterday for sale today, and it is possible they won't receive deliveries today either Other states may also be affected. Sorry to put a damper on your holiday cheer but if you are an affected customer, know that your retailer is[...]
30 Shots Of Cosplay From Phoenix Comic Con
Neil Greenaway got trigger nsappy at Phoenix Comic Con and came back with some of his favourite cosplay from the show last weekend… here's how it's looking when hidden from the Arizona sun. [...]
When Jesse James Comics Opened At Midnight For Free Comic Book Day
How many people would you be expecting to find hanging out outside a comic store at midnight in Arizona? [youtube][/youtube] Lots… See the rest of out Free Comic Book Day coverage right here. How many people would you be expecting to find hanging out outside a comic store at midnight in Arizona? [youtube][/youtube] Lots… See the rest of out Free Comic[...]
Smashing The Comic Book World Records In Arizona
We reported that the Amazing Arizona Comic Con was looking to break the Kapow world records for the fastest comic in production with the most contributors Well, that happened last year. And now the Guinness World Records folks signed off on it. Shawn Demumbrum , who organised the record break with Jesse James of Jesse James Comics  told[...]
Jesse James Of Jesse James Comics, Arizona, Also Has Problems With Marvel Experience
So, there has been bad karma sent in the direction of Marvel Experience of Scottsdale, Arizona of late, with terrible reviews, local TV news getting involved in the slating, bad reviews of commentary being deleted from Facebook by the promoters and the occasional positive review getting drowned out in the hating. Well, in for a penny…[...]
Marvel Experience Deletes Criticism On Facebook
After receiving repeated criticism on Yelp for the Marvel Experience event in Scottsdale, Arizona – soon to be rolled out across the USA – the organisers have begun deleting criticism on the site's Facebook page and blocking those who have criticised the event from posting again. One reader, Jeff Moriarty, writes, The Marvel Experience has blocked me from[...]
"Pretty Much Everyone Hates It" – The Marvel Experience In Scottsdale, Arizona
Everything happens with bleeding-edge technology and advanced computer animation. Well, the event has debuted in Scottsdale, Arizona But it doesn't seem to have started well. Jake Gold's Yelp review is rather striking and starts well… Let me start by telling you what they got right – the story is good and relies on comic book lore that goes a little[...]
Amazing Arizona Comic Con Aims To Beat Kapow's Guinness World Record – Down In Robotown
Down In Robotown. Creators include Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, Eric M Esquivel, Paul Jenkins, Marat Mychaels, Sina Grace, John Layman, Matt Nastos, hell it's even been lettered by Bleeding Cool's own Kickstarter-from-the-heart Shawn Demumbrum. And now published and for sale at the Amazing Arizona Con with a Rob Liefeld cover $10 per issue, a print run of[...]
Your Full Black Friday In Comics, State By State And Online (Walking Dead UPDATE)
Isn't it the same thing? UPDATE: Now buy youself a Negan toy, launching today, complete with Suzanne, in colour and B&W. Skybound will also be sending their promo sale codes on twitter accounts @thewalkingdead and @skyboundent. AMAZON: Heavy on Black Friday comic deals… ARIZONA: (thanks to The Examiner) Jesse James Comics, Glendale is open 72 hours straight. Updates are being posted on[...]
Stan Lee, Too Ill For Arizona?
But the Amazing Arizona Comic Con on this weekend tells us; We here at Amazing Arizona Comic Con regret to announce that we have been informed by Mr Stan Lee's representatives that he is physically unable to travel and appear for this weekend's events due to illness. Fortunately, we have a full weekend of great programming, over[...]
The Last Bleeding Cool Supper
Thanks to Jesse James of Jesse James Comics of Arizona for this one. Clicky for biggy Thanks to Jesse James of Jesse James Comics of Arizona for this one. Clicky for biggy Thanks to Jesse James of Jesse James Comics of Arizona for this one. Clicky for biggy Thanks to Jesse James of Jesse James[...]
The Fallout Of Atomic Comics
Chris VB, out new Arizona Correspondent, writes for Bleeding Cool; The first time I visited an Atomic Comics store, I was convinced that I had found heaven on Earth You see, my parents had very recently split and my mom and I moved cross-country to start our lives over and I dove into comics to cope[...]
FCBD 2012: Arizona Comic Mini Expo At Samurai Comics East, Mesa
We're continuing to look at comic stores that are going above and beyond for Free Comic Book Day this year. On May the 5th, at Samurai Comics East in Mesa Arizona, Atomic Robo's Ryan Cody is putting on a one day comic convention, the Arizona Comic Mini Expo, or ACME, alsongside fellow comic stores Bookmans Entertainment[...]
Online Comics Retailer Has His Guns Taken Away
Two weeks ago, Bleeding Cool broke the story that a blogger who had made a number of incendiary comments in the immediate light of the Arizona shootings, specifically "one down, 534 to go", was the owner and founder of Arlington-based online comics supplier Heavy Ink. Naturally, those comments got a lot of play across the net,[...]
How Attending The Amazing Arizona Comic Con Pays For Itself
A Two Day Weekend Pass To The Amazing Arizona Comic Con was $25 One Day was $15. The variant edition of Walking Dead #80, limited to the first 1000 attendees is now selling on eBay from between $36 to $51 Unsigned. And that's the way you do it. A Two Day Weekend Pass To The Amazing Arizona[...]
Video And Pics From Amazing Arizona Comic Con
The Amazing Arizona Comic Con on this weekend.. Pokewoman by Grant Brummett The Walking Dead panel by Matthew Noteboom. Adrian Lopez takes a shot of people wondering why they didn't decide on Batman… The Rob Liefeld/Jeph Loeb panel from organiser Jimmy Jay's point of view… And from Rob Liefeld's… It's all too much for Joe Benitez Jimmy Jay pushes his Walking Dead[...]
The First Comic Con Of 2011 –  Amazing Arizona
That's the Walking Dead #80 variant restricted to the first 1000 attendees fo the Amazing Arizona Comic Con taking place this weekend. Guests include Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Victor Gischler, Jon Layman, Cory Walker, Marat Mychaels, Andy Kuhn, JT Krul, Brian Pulido, Richard Starkings, Joe Weems, Keu Cha, Joe Benitez, Eddie Choi, Raven Gregory,[...]
Hulk Smash Puny Immigrants
You wouldn't like it when he's xenophobic. Lou Ferrigno, better known as the Incredible Hulk, even better known as that guy who goes to every Wizard World (and, seriously, hasn't everyone who wants a signed photo of themselves with the man got one by now?) has joined an Arizona sheriff's armed "posse" to prevent illegal immigration[...]