Marvel to Publish 3 Ongoing Conan Comics in 2019

We know that Marvel Comics will be getting the Conan comic book license for the USA next year — even as French and Italian publishing houses are creating their own versions thanks to Conan being public domain outside of much of the USA.

Well, the Comic Shenanigans podcast had a chat with long-time writer and editor Ralph Macchio — who has some experience with creator Robert E. Howard's characters, as he was editor of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian, The Savage Sword of Conan, and Kull the Conqueror when John Bolton was artist, as well as writer of all six issues of the Sword of Solomon Kane miniseries.

Well, talking at length to the show, just after the two-hour-and-42-minute mark, Macchio stated that he is very deeply involved in Marvel's new Conan titles, will be credited as Consulting Editor, and will be teaming with current Marvel editor Mark Basso on three new Conan series, each to focus on a different era and timeline in the life of the barbarian.

Macchio talked about talking new EIC C.B. Cebulski when Macchio heard the news of the acquisition of the license and got himself hired — CB started out working for Macchio, he reminds listeners. He says he's always been a big fan and it's what he's been happiest doing, as well as that he's just as enthusiastic about working on it now as he ever was. And the podcast and Macchio talked about trying to get Roy Thomas back on the series too.

As to who will be the writers, artists and editorial teams? Will all three series start in January 2019? That's to come, Listen to the whole podcast here.

Marvel to Publish 3 Ongoing Conan Comics in 2019

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