Marvel Unveils Trailer, Preview for Midnight Suns #1

Marvel Comics has revealed a trailer and first look at Midnight Suns #1, the comic based on the video game based on the comics. Or, in other words, our old friend, the comics industry mascot, the ouroboros, is once again eating its own tail.

Marvel Unveils Trailer, Preview for Midnight Suns #1
An illustration of the comic book industry from a 1478 alchemy manuscript

The Midnight Suns video game is out in October and the 5-issue comic book mini-series launches in September, for maximum synergy. A press release for the trailer elaborates:

Written by Ethan Sacks with art by Luigi Zagaria, MIDNIGHT SUNS will star Marvel's hottest mystical defenders and fiercest fighters including Blade; Kushala, the Ghost Rider also known as Spirit Rider; Magik; Wolverine; Nico Minoru; and Strange Academy's Zoe Laveau. This thrilling team will assemble when a horrifying threat from the late Sorcerer Supreme's past emerges and claims Zoe Laveau as its first target.

The saga that follows will impact the very fabric of magic in the main Marvel Comics universe, revealing deep secrets and impacting characters such as Agatha Harkness, Doctor Doom, the students of Strange Academy, and more! See the team fight like hell to overcome the darkest of threats in the all-new MIDNIGHT SUNS trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

The first issue hits stores on September 14th. Check out the trailer and preview below.

Written by ETHAN SACKS
On Sale 9/14

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