#MarvelDeclassified Won't Just Change Comics History, But American History

As I write this, I can see General Manager Mark Seifert lining up the first chapters in the Marvel Declassified series about o run on Bleeding Cool. We've been teasing through San Diego Comic-Con that the news will be bigger than anything revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Even that Donny Cates is working on Carnage Born and that Lobo will be in Krypton.

But it goes far beyond the history and origins of Marvel Comics alone. The preamble rewrites the origins of the first comic book character in the USA. And going forward, touches on government, civil rights and serial killers in America. And the thesis that the first draft of history tends to be the only one that people bother repeating. Mark Seifert says it's time for a change…

Settle in, this is going to be a long ride. Here comes Marvel Declassified. Bookmark that tag for easy viewing…

#MarvelDeclassified Won't Just Change Comics History, But American History


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