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Matt Kindt Gets Own Imprint at Dark Horse, New Mind MGMT Coming

Matt Kindt will launch his own imprint, Flux House, at Dark Horse Comics, starting with a new Mind MGMT series in July.  Flux House will be the home of all Matt Kindt creator-owned comics going forward. Mind MGMT: Bootleg will be a 4-issue mini-series by Kindt, Farel Dalrymple, Jill Thompson, David Rubín, and Matt Lesniewski. The press release describes the series thusly

The latest series in the conspiracy-laden and mind-twisting universe of MIND MGMT, MIND MGMT: BOOTLEG marks the first time the series has been illustrated by an artist other than Kindt. The all-new series will include variant covers by Jim Rugg, Marguerite Sauvage, Aron Wiesenfeld, and Laura Perez, and the polybagged variant versions of MIND MGMT: BOOTLEG will contain a subversive, collectible playing card.

In MIND MGMT, a covert government agency of psychic super spies fell into oblivion after one of their top agents went rogue. What looked like the end was only the beginning as a former leader of MIND MGMT explores the darkest parts of the world and recruits a team of forgotten agents to rebuild the organization, bend reality, and go to war with a competing agency.

Mind MGMT: Bootleg and other Flux House releases will come with "a distinct presentation including unique trim-sizes with two publications to be magazine-sized and special print features (like die-cut and fur) and a punch-card dust jacket that reveals a secret message," according to the press release. "These publications are personally designed by Kindt to be both books and art objects."

Kindt explained the meaning behind the name in the press release:

Flux House is inspired by Fluxus – an avant-garde art movement from the 1950s that was an extension of Surrealists and Dadaist. The Fluxus movement focused on the creative process and experimental art forms. Their trademarks include accessibility, absurdism, and a sense of humor. If you've seen me burn or cut one of my books apart at a signing, you already have a sense of where I'm going with this. Flux House aims to embody all of these elements. It won't be limited by traditional forms of books and print. And the story format will, as the name implies, always be in flux.

Kindt also did his best to maintain his indie cred:

I promise you that MIND MGMT: BOOTLEG is not a prequel, a studio-driven sequel, or a corporate re-imagining of that comic you love. It remains weird, paranoid storytelling and it was the perfect title to launch Flux House with.

Thank goodness for that! Though no one would have blamed you for selling out, Matt. Hell, we did it years ago ourselves.

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