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Mind MGMT: Bootleg #2 Review: Hidden Messages Inc.
Mind MGMT: Bootleg #2 reunites the Crimson Flower team of Matt Kindt and Matt Lesniewski In this issue, another recruit (this time in India) is brought aboard Artist Lesniewski's talent for an almost alt-comix exaggeration vibe can't be undersold My favorite panel from the issue is this one where Lesniewski puts the lettering inside the[...]
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The second project is a series take on Kindt's comic book series Mind MGMT, in which a young woman stumbles onto the top-secret Mind Management program Her ensuing journey involves weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers as she attempts to find the man who was MIND MGMT's greatest success – and[...]
Mind MGMT: Bootleg #1 Review: It's Good To Be Back
Mind MGMT: Bootleg #1 reminds me: It's good to read a Mind MGMT comic again Mind MGMT is a comic series from Dark Horse about a spy organization that runs the world through hidden messages, brainwashing, and psychic warfare The series is comparable to Lost. the cover to Mind MGMT: Bootleg #1, courtesy of Dark Horse The[...]
Cover image for Mind MGMT: Bootleg #1
Mind MGMT returns at Dark Horse Comics this week as Matt Kindt's Flux House imprint launches Read a preview of Mind MGMT: Bootleg #1 here Check out the preview below. MIND MGMT: BOOTLEG #1 DARK HORSE COMICS MAY220409 MAY220410 – MIND MGMT BOOTLEG #1 (OF 4) CVR B BRERETON – $3.99 MAY220411 – MIND MGMT BOOTLEG #1 (OF 4) CVR[...]
Matt Kindt Gets Own Imprint at Dark Horse, New Mind MGMT Coming
Matt Kindt will launch his own imprint, Flux House, at Dark Horse Comics, starting with a new Mind MGMT series in July.  Flux House will be the home of all Matt Kindt creator-owned comics going forward Mind MGMT: Bootleg will be a 4-issue mini-series by Kindt, Farel Dalrymple, Jill Thompson, David Rubín, and Matt Lesniewski[...]
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And then when it does, it's almost criminally elegant. Mind MGMT Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt and published by Dark Horse Comics. What if Lost was good is my pitch for Matt Kindt's longest-running creator-owned comic Over thirty-six issues, it plays with the medium of comics (at one point, asking the reader to bend the page to simulate[...]
Every Mind MGMT Cover!
Last week, Matt Kindt's critically acclaimed psychic spy series Mind MGMT concluded with Dark Horse at 36 issues In the backmatter farewell on the letters page of the final issue, Kindt shares how emotional he was three years ago when he wasn't sure he'd be able to continue the series long enough to implement his[...]
New MGMT #1 Is Always Now
[SPOILERS**SPOILERS**SPOILERS Below!] The phrase that's catching my attention about the conclusion of Mind MGMT with New MGMT #1, which arrived in shops this week, is that it's the "end of an era" Matt Kindt has said before that the world of Mind MGMT might not be totally over and closed since there are side-avenues which could[...]
The Ticking Of The Melting Clock – Creating Reality In Mind MGMT #34
Sitting down to talk about Mind MGMT #34, with only two issues left in the series' primary run (and one of those has a stand-alone status), I am reminded again why I usually wait to review the trade collections: almost anything I could possibly say about Issue #34 would be a spoiler That's just the[...]
Goons, Rebels And Dark Horse Originals – More From The ComicsPRO Presentation
The latter being the Two Brothers graphic novel by Moon and Ba out in October First, Matt Kindt took to the stage, talking about how Mind MGMT was a comic book he wanted to make that took an hour to read We are also to expect Pastaways starting in March with Scott Kolins on art, the complete Pistol Whip at the end of May[...]
CYSBR – Comics You Should Be Reading! Black Science And Mind MGMT
By Sammie Rice Greetings, readers! Welcome to the weekly column where I will be talking about comics YOU should be reading! My name is Sammie and I'm going to be your pilot through this excellent journey of comic book goodness! LET'S DO THIS! I have two titles to discuss this week: Black Science #10 Mind MGMT #27 First up, we have[...]
The Bleed Episode 8: Reading COPRA With Matt Kindt And Tucker Stone
The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, the latest comics, creator interviews and the pick of the week. This week we're discussing the indie comic sensation, COPRA by Michel Fiffe. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP2uEJnGyBg[/youtube] Our guests this week are Tucker Stone, Marketing Director of Nobrow and Flying Eye Books, and Matt Kindt, award-winning cartoonist of Mind MGMT and writer of[...]
Bigger Than An Atom Bomb – Chaos In Mind MGMT Vol. 3
It's uncanny how many conversations I've had about Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt that start and end with a wide-eyed, enthusiastic nod, just a few words about how "amazing" and "detailed" it is, a kind of projected count of how many issues are left, a little smile, and that's it What I mean by that[...]
Managing The Mind Of Matt Kindt: Performance Art, Jeff Lemire, And Mind MGMT #25
Liz Hey interviews Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt: With one of the most intricately constructed stories on the market, it must be difficult for Mind MGMT writer and artist Matt Kindt to manage his own thoughts Surely, Kindt's Dark Horse title has a reputation for a subtle narrative being told within the details of his plotlines,[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From Forever Evil To Original Sin And Saga
4 TP Dark Horse: Mind MGMT Vol.3 HC IDW: Godzilla: Half-Century War TP Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Maxx MacLennan. They say: This week is a mixed bag! Forever Evil has wrapped up, Saga has picked back up with[...]
Forty-Three Thoughts About Forty-Three Comics – Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Revolutionary War, A+X, Justice League Dark, Superman, Sex, Satellite Sam, Alex + Ada, Revenge, Real Heroes, Fatale, Amazing X-Men, Origin II, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, Iron Patriot, Brilliant, Hawkeye, Survive, Game Of Thrones, Red Sonja, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Transformers, Furious, Massive, Bloodhound, Tomb Raider, King Conan, Serenity, Vandroid, Pariah, Elfquest, Mind MGMT, Captain Midnight, Mass Effect, Empowered, Star Wars Legends, Blackout, Bravest Warriors, Midas Flesh And Hacktivist
Before reading Superior Spider-Man today, you might want to read Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. Just to keep things in order. It would be a weirder read
Thirty-Nine Thoughts About Thirty-Nine Comics – All New Invaders, Batman, Mighty Avengers, Batman And Robin, Hawkeye, Transformers, Animal Man, Origin II, X-Factor, Wonder Woman, Sex, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, X-Men, Midas Flesh, Jinnrise, Star Wars, Pretty Deadly, Deadly Class, Dead Body Road, Chew, Umbral, Krampus, Zero, Bad Ass, Peanuts, TMNT, Elfquest, Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Presents, Captain Midnight, X-Files, Massive, Judge Dredd, Mega City Two, The Mocking Dead, Samurai Jack and Aphrodite XI Hidden Files
It's the haunting cry of the jungle… Though Mind MGMT #18 has a more placid take Still that snake looks like it could be ready to attack! Its nicely camoflaged there as well… you'd never see it coming. Especially if it disguised itself as a wedding ring and stuck its way onto Hellboy's finger in Dark Horse[...]
When Your Event Gets Too Big For Your Shop – Launching Phat Con
No, I'm talking about free comics from Valiant, Top Cow and IDW, Green Lantern rings, Mind MGMT buttons, promotional posters and packs of trading cards, and figurines. I was more than a little curious about how this con got its start because it felt like it was standing room only, half expecting the Fire Marshall to[...]
Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics –  Young Avengers, Tom Strong, Nova, Secret Avengers, Now What?, Haunted Horror, Justice League Dark, Great Pacific, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals, Uncanny Avengers, Pretty Deadly, Judge Dredd, Velvet, Infinity Hunt, Conan, Infinity Heist, Larfleez, Savage Wolverine, Rat Queens, Massive, Doctor Who, Rocketeer/Spirit, Samurai Jack, Mind MGMT, Kiss Me Satan, Zombie War, Fever Ridge, Dark Horse Presents, Vampirella, Army Of Darkness/Reanimator and Thunderbolts
Reassuring to know. Mind MGMT makes a blatant land grab for the attention of comic book readers And not just by being a comic book. Say, Kiss Me Satan… If you shake corpses, don't they just… you know… fall apart? Don't worry, those living in a Zombie War, just give them a bit of a shake. Fever Ridge gives[...]
Seven Comics Solicited From Matt Kindt In October… So Far
At the beginning of 2012, Matt Kindt was considered a minor comic book creator, with some critical hits to his name such as the ten year old, Pistolwhip graphic novel, Two Sisters and the Super Spy webcomic, and a recentish graphic novel for Vertigo, Revolver and a batch of short stories. Then Mind MGMT happened at[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Half Past Danger To X-Men
Next week sees the launch of Half Past Danger from IDW, Bounce from Image, Akaneiro from Dark Horse, Green Team and a big expensive Green Lantern #20 from DC, Occupy Comics from Black Mask and Tank Girl from Titan. The week after that? Wake #1 and X-Men #1! DARK HORSE COMICS AKANEIRO #1 $3.99 DARK HORSE PRESENTS #24 (MR) $7.99 DEEP SEA[...]
BC Mag #4: Hot Comics = Ca$h!
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston The rule used to be, the first print is hot, and the second print is not. And for the most part that held,