Moms Get the Shaft in Marvel Mother's Day Event

Last month, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel would be running Mother's Day and Father's Day promotion this year, offering giveaways at local comic book stores because BIFF! BAM! POW! comics aren't just for kids anymore… they're for adults too! Or are they?

Marvel has now revealed the full details of the event in a press release, confirming… pretty much what we already told you. But also recommending some books for moms to read with their kids.

Wait, what?

Sorry, moms, but you get the short end of the stick again, as these books seem to be all geared toward the kids instead of the moms, with Marvel naming them as "early chapter books for the entire family, and all-new formats perfect for middle-grade readers." In other words, you're supposed to head to the comic shop for Mother's Day and… buy your kids some presents? That doesn't seem right.

Doesn't mom deserve something just for her?! Couldn't Marvel have come up with a list of comics mom would want to read on her own, without "the entire family?" We'll get our best listicle writers on that right away, folks.

Hopefully, thoughtful comic shops will offer mimosas on the side while the little brats are distracted by the coloring posters.

Marvel's Mother's Day Spectacular at Your Local Comics Shop!

New York, NY—May 2, 2019— This Mother's Day, May 12th, Marvel fans can share their love of reading and comics with the whole family! To help usher in the next generation of Super Heroes and celebrate mothers everywhere, we are providing participating comic book shops with free giveaways with some of the Marvel Super Heroes you know and love – including coloring posters of our hit series Marvel Rising and our Marvel Super Hero Adventures series, featuring Captain Marvel!

Fans will also receive an exclusive free Marvel bookmark as they explore the Marvel Universe with Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and Spider-Man – each in their own thrilling graphic novel, perfect for ages 9 and up!

Fans of Ms. Marvel will also find her starring with Squirrel Girl, Miles Morales, and more in an all-new, action packed adventure in Marvel Rising #1!

Marvel Super Hero Adventures early chapter books are perfect entry point for preschoolers and young readers to jump into the Marvel Universe with their favorite characters through stories that touch upon aspirational themes of friendship, helping others, and heroism.

To learn more, please visit your local comic book shop for details. Retailers can look to Marvel Mailers for ordering info and updates.

Want to dive in before Mother's Day? Check out Marvel Rising #1, on sale now, and experience the world of Marvel Rising in animation with the exciting feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors and the animated specials Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts and Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron on Marvel HQ!

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· Marvel Rising #3, on sale 5/29

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And if that's not enough, pick up the perfect comic trades, early chapter books for the entire family, and all-new formats perfect for middle grade readers!

· Marvel Super Hero Adventures: To Wakanda And Beyond TPB, on sale now

· Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel TPB, on sale now

· Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Spider-Man, on sale 6/19

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