What Not To Remember The Alamo Comic Con For… (UPDATE)

This was the weekend for comic conventions, it seems. Phoenix Comicon, MegaCon, MCM London, Heroes & Villains, Balticon, and apparently the Alamo Comic Con. Which up until this point I had forgotten was on. Until this morning when I woke up to around twenty e-mails from comic book professionals asking me about what the hell was going down at the Alamo Comic Con.

Turns out, not a lot. But some folks had fun at the internet's expense – including us. Which is why this article was initially titled "Muggings, Stabbings, Jail, Hospital And The Alamo Comic Con."

First with comic book inker Tim Townsend, with Andy Belanger, Cary Nord and Dan Panosian.

UPDATE: Apparently it was not.

UPDATE: Of reality, it transpired.

Meanwhile, Cully Hamner also at the show had his own (UPDATE: non-existen) incident with Panosian.



But in the end, they all fessed up… and necessitated this update!

Still, at least it was all good fun and people took it in the best of spirits.

Okay, okay, almost everyone.

FURTHER UPDATE: Though it looks as if there's no smoke without fire. Tim Townsend got in touch to say,

"Essentially, I was accosted around 4pm Thursday on the Riverwalk area in San Antonio while looking for a place to eat. It was three morons just looking for trouble. I stood my ground, they backed off, went their way, and I continued on mine. I reported the incident to the people at the hotel, and that's about the extent of things. By the second day of the show, I had people coming up to me with wildly varying versions of the story that continued to get more and more far-fetched. At some point we just stopped correcting them and just decided to see how far people would embellish things. Around this time, some of my slightly insane friends thought it would be funny to state on Twitter that I not only "handled business", but I also "stabbed one in the pelvics". The "pelvics"? I promised that I would simply let the joke ride but my caveat, said jokingly in the moment, was that if it ends up on Bleeding Cool, someone is stepping up and setting it straight. I am many things, but "stabby" is not one of them. The actual incident, while very serious, ended with no bloodshed and everyone is safe. This show is safe, I am safe, and those morons who tried to mug me are, unfortunately, safe as well."

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