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Is Donald Trump Going To The Alamo Total Landscaping?
NotComics: It has been clarified that this Tuesday, President-deselect Donald Trump will be visiting the town of Alamo in Texas – but not The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas One is a town the other is a very famous building It is not entirely clear if Donald Trump knew the difference Or if this is[...]
Tonya Harding
What the film also does is tell the story from Tonya's point of view, using several instances in her past that fill in some of the media-created blanks in her personal narrative. Tonya Harding and Dana Han-Klein during the Q & A at the Alamo Drafthouse San Francisco Photo by Bill Watters Last night, the Alamo Drafthouse[...]
What Not To Remember The Alamo Comic Con For… (UPDATE)
Phoenix Comicon, MegaCon, MCM London, Heroes & Villains, Balticon, and apparently the Alamo Comic Con Which up until this point I had forgotten was on Until this morning when I woke up to around twenty e-mails from comic book professionals asking me about what the hell was going down at the Alamo Comic Con. Turns out, not a[...]
Comic Con Wars In Ohio, Blackpool – And Remember The Alamo Comic Con…
There are also allegations that some complaints are being organised by rival convention organisers, who have started this Facebook group. While back in the USA, you've had alleged actual violence as Manu Bennett who plays Deathstroke in Arrow and who was attending the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, was arrested by police yesterday morning and held on[...]