Munchkin #1 Is Full Of Laugh Out Loud Moments

30052McGinty Main cover_LGBecause I'm a fan of the tabletop game, Munchkin, picking up the comic was a simple decision. From BOOM! Box, Munchkin #1 is divided into three parts. What Is A Munchkin, and Humans Got No Class, are written by Tom Siddell with art by Mike Holmes, while Ready For Anything, is written by Jim Zub with art by Rian Sygh. For those of you who haven't played the game, I will tell you that it is absolutely hilarious! Playful looking cartoon characters with crazy creative descriptions make for a fun card game.

I was unaware that the comic would include three mini-stories, but it's a pretty cool thing to do. The issue flew by for me because of it. I will say that while I enjoyed each individual story, I preferred Humans Got No Class. For me, that included the most laugh out loud moments and clever, witty writing. I couldn't get enough of the wizard character Cedronk and his interactions with Dave. When he put his arm around him and talked about his past experience and mocked his haircut, I couldn't stop laughing.

Overall, this is a colorful, very funny set of stories. It's the perfect combination of twisted humor and fantastically designed characters. Don't miss out on picking up your copy today! (*And if the First Printing has sold out where you are, don't worry, a Second Printing is on the way)

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