Sean Gordon Murphy: "Batman: White Knight Is Not SJW Batman"

Sean Gordon Murphy wants to make one thing very clear about his upcoming Batman comic, Batman: White Knight: it is not SJW Batman.

Sean Gordon Murphy: "Batman: White Knight Is Not SJW Batman"

Murphy made a point to point this out on Twitter this week, tweeting, "Batman: White Knight is not SJW Batman" along with a picture of the Creator Exclusive Variant Cover for the first issue. Murphy also stated his own position: "Not that it should matter, but I'm center-left." To be sure, it's the political designation many comic book creators seem to view themselves as, though some might say they actually skew more conservative by global standards. And to give us just a little bit more to unpack, he added: "And I wrote a Gotham for everyone."

It's unclear why Murphy needed to clarify that Batman: White Knight is not "SJW Batman." Were people calling it that? Does it imply that other Batmen are SJW Batmen in Murphy's opinion? If so, which ones? Was the world starving for a Gotham "for everyone" because other Gotham offerings are restricted only to certain political factions? If it's so important to note that Batman: White Knight is not SJW Batman, why not just title the comic Not SJW Batman to begin with?

There's so much to unpack here, and Murphy offers no further clarification, nor any indication of what prompted the declaration, nor why it was so important, Murphy had to retweet it himself the next day:

Sean Gordon Murphy: "Batman: White Knight Is Not SJW Batman"

What is Sean Gordon Murphy trying to tell us?

Maybe he simply belongs to the Axel Alonso school of comic book marketing?

Batman: White Knight will be not SJW Batman when it hits stores on October 4th.

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