Nerd Food: Drax The Destroyer Burger Wrecks The Competition

San Diego's Hyatt Hotel — which is a mere five-minute walk from the convention center — is known as a hot spot for post-con drinking and hanging out. There's potential to meet comic greats and celebrities, all while enjoying a cold beer. Or in this case, a Drax The Destroyer Burger.

Fellow BC writer, Joe Glass, opted for this monstrous burger on Saturday night. I myself was intrigued, but that's honestly too much burger for me.


The whole combo sounds delicious and insanely American. Hully gee.

The burger itself looked a little smaller, but Joe probably didn't care, since he hadn't really eaten all day, and food is food. Looking back, I wish I'd have tried some; it looks heavenly.

I don't remember what Joe said, exactly, but it was something like "This is the best burger I've ever had." If you're near the hotel during non-convention time, you can most likely order this burger (albeit it may be under a different name) and try one for yourself.

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