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Cover image for MIRACLES #1 (OF 4) CVR A UNDERWOOD
The Miracles as previously featured on Bleeding Cool, is an original graphic novel Kickstartered to publication by former Bleeding Cool reporter and The Pride writer Joe Glass, as well as artist  Vince Underwood, Harry Saxon and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou about superhero refugees and deep family secrets About high school senior Elliot Morgan: a massive comic fan who discovers he has[...]
CEX Publish Joe Glass & Vince Underwood's Superhero Comic The Miracles
The Miracles was an original graphic novel Kickstartered to publication by former Bleeding Cool reporter and The Pride writer Joe Glass, as well as Vince Underwood, Harry Saxon and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou about superhero refugees and deep family secrets About high school senior Elliot Morgan: a massive comic fan who discovers he has his own superhuman[...]
Do We Get A Familair-Looking Welsh Joker In Joker Incorporated?
And I have to say, doesn't look entirely unlike Welsh comic book creator and former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass I wonder… It this a separated-at-birth scenario? Better go get the cut-and-paste copy that you all know and love Ed Brisson? John Timms? Whose idea was this? #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img[...]
Marvel Comics
This week comic book creator and former contributor to Bleeding Cool, Joe Glass, was in London for the Gayming Magazine Awards, nominated for the Best LGBTQ Comic Book Moment Award alongside some tough competitors. Best LGBTQ Comic Book Moment Award – sponsored by Square Enix London Mobile This award recognises the best LGBTQ moment in a comic[...]
Heather Antos Now Promoted To Senior Editor At IDW
Heather Antos announced the promotion online, amending her Twitter bio to the new credit and then tweeting "New title, who dis?" Heather Antos, art by Michael Walsh. She received congratulations on her new role from the likes of comic creators, marketing, publisher, and journalists including Joe Glass, John Reppion, Jim Dandedeau, Jamal Igle, Chris Arrant, Geoff Thorne, Declan[...]
Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate
Mure Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Hamish Steele Rachael Stott Jack Teagle Zoe Thorogood James Tynion IV Ram V Christian Ward War and Peas Ronald Wimberly John Allison Kristyna Baczynski David Barnett Ricardo Bessa Ted Brandt Nick Brokenshire Kit Buss Iban Coello Paul Cornell Fernando Dagnino Dani Paul Davidson Michael Dialynas Jonathan Edwards Tom Eglington Gary Erskine Al Ewing Ingrid Gala Joe Glass Paul Goodenough Abigail Harding Luke Healy Peter Hogan Marc Laming Roger Langridge Stephanie Lavaud John Lees Rachel Luckett Robert Luckett David Mack Guillem March Helena Masellis Leah Moore Tomeu Morey Helen Mullane Guillermo Ortego Zu Orzu Gerald Parel Sean Phillips Casey Parsons John Reppion Mike Perkins Jacob Phillips Jamie[...]
The Pride Omnibus, Selling Better In Book Stores Than Comic Shops
Joe Glass, formerly of this parish, talked about the performance of the Pride Omnibus, the Dark Horse collection of his queer superhero comic book that he was self-publishing for years before it got picked up by ComiXology Originals and then collected by Dark Horse And apparently it's been doing really well  – and especially in[...]
The Miracles To Appear in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover
Which now includes Elliott Morgan.   The Miracles' writer Joe Glass replied "I'm down with this, Donny In fact, chuck any of my characters in there Makes sense for the story you're doing, if all superheroes and fictional characters hit the real world". The Miracles' new 120-page original graphic novel from former Bleeding Cool reporter and The Pride[...]
Under the Hex of Secrets, The Miracles on Kickstarter
Joe Glass, former reporter for Bleeding Cool and creator of The Pride, currently being collected by Dark Horse, talks about his new project, Miracles, on Kickstarter He writes; Families are important There are of course families of all kinds, and those that we find rather than are born into or raised in, but family, whatever our[...]
Dark Horse Comics Full Solicits April 2021 - New Cyberpunk 2077 #1
The Dark Horse Comics April 2021 solicitations are up, including the launch of the new Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory, series, the launch of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's Cojacaru the Skinner #1 and a new Cyberpunk 2077: You Have My Word series – as well as the arrival of Joe Glass's The Pride to Dark[...]
Joe Glass, The First Comic Creator To Get Vaccinated Against COVID?
Joe Glass, former Bleeding Cool reporter and comic book creator/publisher, may be the first person in comics to get vaccinated against the coronavirus He's the creator of the comic book The Pride, available on ComiXology Originals and about to be published in print from Dark Horse Comics, but he also has a second life[...]
Brits Can't Post Anything Abroad Right Now?
Can we call him Joe The Post? Because Welsh comic book creator and publisher of The Pride, and former Bleeding Cool reporter Joe Glass, tweeted out the following; Hey, in case UK comic makers didn't know and I just learned: the post office are not taking any packages or mail for outside the UK for the[...]
All The Debuts And Exclusives For Thought Bubble UK, Right Now
This forces Taishi down a different path, one that will see him recruit a ragtag crew of thieves and lead them on a journey to take down the Circle of Flavour and free Japan from their grip while protecting those close to him – Glitter Vipers by Katie Fleming, Joe Glass, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Lucas[...]
Joe Glass Speaks on "The Pride" Coming to Dark Horse
Writer/creator Joe Glass, a former Bleeding Cool contributor, is bringing his long-running series The Pride to Dark Horse, where it will be re-released in a 456-page omnibus in June 2021 The series follows FabMan, who is on a mission to assemble an all LGBTQ+ team of superheroes called the Pride This group forms to fight not[...]
Auto Draft
Former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass is exhibiting his Pride superhero comic book at Thought Bubble this weekend But some people are not entirely sure where to find him And not just because the show is now in Harrogate. Because Glass is exhibiting in the ComiXology Originals Main Hall of Thought Bubble And not, as one[...]
Thomas Cook Collapse Strands The Pride Creator Joe Glass Before New York Comic Con
and Germany left stranded when the company ceased operations over the weekend. Amongst the travelers stuck in a foreign country with no flight home is Joe Glass, writer of the hit ComiXology Original The Pride Glass was vacationing in Greece when the news broke, leaving him to wait for the U.K[...]
The Daily LITG – 11th September 2019, Happy Birthday Joe Glass
Everywhere. Reads: Bad Weekend, Gosh Comics, London, 7-9pm. Jen Wang signing Stargazing at Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, Georgia, 6-7pm. Meet Brad Meltzer at An Unlikely Story, Plainville, Massachusetts, 6-8pm. Grumble book signing with Rafer Roberts at Floating World Comics, Portland, Oregon, 5-7pm. Yann Kebbi signing The Structure is Rotten, Comrade at Solid State Books, Washington, District of Columbia, 7-8pm. Zenescope[...]
Joe Glass Relaunches The Pride for ComiXology Originals, and Pride Month
Joe Glass, a former Bleeding Cool reporter, has relaunched his comic book superhero series The Pride as a digital-only series under the ComiXology Originals banner and launching on Wednesday This is clearly why he was so full of beans at MCM London Comic Con a weekend ago but couldn't say anything. And it's just in time[...]
the pride sina grace
The Pride Adventures #5 has launched on Kickstarter, the latest from writer/creator and former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass, and the first collection of new stories with The Pride characters since The Pride and The Pride Adventures were collected in Hardcover back in 2016 The issue features a story by guest-writer Sina Grace, of Iceman fame[...]
Nerd Food: Drax The Destroyer Burger Wrecks The Competition
Or in this case, a Drax The Destroyer Burger. Fellow BC writer, Joe Glass, opted for this monstrous burger on Saturday night I myself was intrigued, but that's honestly too much burger for me. The whole combo sounds delicious and insanely American Hully gee. The burger itself looked a little smaller, but Joe probably didn't care, since he[...]
Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38
Joe Glass is at Table 37 It will be a a bit of a Bleeding Cool event Possibly. You want me to write about something? Bring it to the table You hear a piece of breaking news? Bring it to the table You think your cosplay deserves international attention? You know the drill. Oh, and I'll have[...]
Your First Look At The San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Showfloor In 144 Photos – And A Dance
Kaitlyn Booth and Joe Glass of Bleeding Cool have been running around the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 showfloor in a press preview before the doors opened There will be plenty to unpack, but first, a gallery of some of the many delights awaiting for you inside those hallowed halls… But we start… with a dance! can't[...]
Fifty Comic Creators Showing Their #QueerSelfLove
Including Bleeding Cool's Joe Glass. Hi guys I'm p gay and I know a lot about mountains and boats and I don't remember taking this photo #queerselflove — Noelle Stevenson ✨ SHE-RA S5 MAY 15 (@Gingerhazing) June 15, 2016 I'm a queer & bi comic author making happy, kind erotica and autobio comics #queerselflove — Jess Fink[...]
What Does Newsarama Know About Joe Glass And His LGBTQ Superhero Comic That He Doesn't?
Joe Glass writes occasionally for Bleeding Cool, as well as writing comics such as his LGBTQ superhero team comic The Pride and Stiffs, self published and published digitally through ComiXology Submit I really should review the new The Pride collection, but I am worried about accusations of ethical compromise, though I don't know why, it's never[...]
The Pride Ends At Thought Bubble Next Week
By Joe Glass Anyone who's been reading any of my articles on here probably knows that I also make a couple comics of my own My first comics, I've struggled, enjoyed and learned so much while making them. All of that is coming to an end with the upcoming Thought Bubble Comics Festival next weekend. The Pride, my[...]
Equality For All In All Walks Of Life – Catching Up On The Pride So Far
By Olly MacNamee Having successfully Kickstarted this dream project and with the first four issues of a planned 6 issue initial run under his belt, writer and BC contributor Joe Glass can look back over his shoulder and be proud (pun intended) of what he has already achieved with his mini-series, The Pride. This series is a[...]
Tales From The Four Colour Closet: Pushing #ComicsForward
By Joe Glass By now, I'm sure you've all read or at least heard about BOOM! Studios CEO and Founder Ross Richie's statement on the state of the comics industry and its future, with the initiative and discussion point Push #ComicsForward. It's certainly got a lot of the comics industry fired up, you just have to check[...]