NetEase and Marvel Debut New Original Chinese Superheroes

Chinese internet conglomerate NetEase has debuted the first two Marvel superhero comics aimed at the Chinese market. According to a report from Technode, the two comics, Warriors of Three Sovereigns by artist Gunji and Cyclone by artist Keng, were developed under the supervision of Marvel.

"The editor of Marvel Comics participated in the creation of the two heroes, so it's fair to say they are Marvel's first two official Chinese superheroes," said a NetEase spokesperson, presumably referring to Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, though they may know him by his Chinese name, 吉田明. "These characters will have various connections with the Marvel Universe, including the infrastructure of cities they live in, like Stark Industries advertisements."

The comics, geared toward modern Chinese culture, star young protagonists. In Warriors of Three Sovereigns, a college student faces off against an ancient tyrant, while in Cyclone stars a female architect with wind-based powers.

Other Marvel comics released on NetEase include Civil War and Nick Spencer's Nazi Captain America: Steve Rogers run.

Sadly, if you're interested in checking these comics out and you're outside of China, you'll need to acquire a NetEase cloud reader app from an apk site (at your own risk), and also you'll need to be able to read Chinese.

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