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'Guidance' Sci Fi Thriller Receives June 17th VOD Release In US
Reframing audience perceptions of Chinese films through a blended genre approach, his feature film, Guidance (2021), was released in cinemas across China in late 2021 The film arrives in the United States on-demand on multiple platforms on June 17th.  Good Deed Entertainment has announced a release date for Guidance in the U.S on VOD platforms, including [...]
Monkey King Reborn Blu-Ray Review: An Anime Buddhist Parable
This time it's a Chinese CGI animated movie about the demigod Sun Wukong and his fellow demons as they escort the monk Tang Sanzang on his pilgrimage to India to collect the Buddhist scriptures to bring back to China. "The Monkey King Reborn" cover art, Wellgo USA. The plot of this movie is a stop on their[...]
While it's not the first time that "The Mouse" has found itself embroiled in some kind of controversy involving China and the Chinese government You need to look no further than the issues raised about some of the filming locations for Mulan, The Walt Disney Company's perceived willingness to bend to government censors, and even[...]
Chinese Embassy Posts Genshin Impact Comics To Combat Fraud Awareness
The General-Consulate of China in Japan has posted a series of comic pages on Twitter featuring characters from Chinese video game Genshin Impact in order to promote anti-fraud awareness The comics, in both Chinese and Japanese, warn Chinese people in Japan to be wary of telecommunication fraud, which is apparently a big thing for Chinese[...]
The edict is part of President Xi Jinping's call for a "national rejuvenation" with business and the public under orders to align with his vision for China Among the numerous components of his growing manifesto that he's forcing onto broadcasters and other media (seemingly making it up as he goes along) are a crackdown on[...]
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But it seems to revisit those Authority days, first in Ethiopia with trade and medical vehicles being targeted by bandits. Which goes pretty much as expected. But it is just a warm-up for what follows, with China being targeted over their much-criticised inhumane treatment of Urhgar Muslim Chinese citizens, with allegations of crimes against humanity and genocide[...]
Yesterday, we reported how fans of Friends in China were able to be a part of HBO Max's Friends: The Reunion special with Mathew Perry, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, – but not everyone else was "invited." It was discovered that China's leading[...]
So you live in China (where the serious is still very amazingly popular) and you've been a big fan of Friends for years- through DVD releases and other avenues- which means this week was a pretty big one for you HBO Max's Friends: The Reunion was reuniting Mathew Perry, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow,[...]
Today, we have some new additions with Black Lightning teasing a "flashy" future, a toothless edition of WWE Raw, a Lucifer chair dance party, Shogun casting, more details on the Powerpuff pilot, John Cena pro-China, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicking off Season 15 in an officially unofficial way But since some days can[...]
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But the roles have reversed, and now it's John Cena who's laying down for the three-count… for the government of China and its imperialist designs. John Cena is so, so sorry for calling Taiwan a country. While promoting the new movie Fast and Furious 9, Cena said that Taiwan would be "the first country" to see the[...]
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The movie adaptation of Monster Hunter looked set to do decent, perhaps even very good box office in China… until it got yanked for an allegedly racist joke Imagine being the writer (and in this case, also the director) waking up on Saturday to hear that your movie is in the middle of a shitstorm[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
IO Interactive released a new trailer this morning showing off a new location in Hitman 3 as you're headed to Chongqing, China As part of the mission for this latest trilogy, you will be heading to the rainy, neon-lit streets of a Chinese transportation hub This one filled with shops and food stands at every[...]
How Point Break Avoided The Fate Of Disney's Mulan, Regarding China
Fenton, formerly of Valiant-owners DMG and of IDW Entertainment, has a lot of experience creating media in China and the USA and is looking back at those experiences with more of a critical eye in the current climate On the 21st of October, he will be signing copies of his book at The Comic Bug[...]
How Chris Fenton Tried to Save The World With Iron Man 3 and Looper
Fenton was president of the China-based DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group, General Manager of DMG North America (owners of Valiant Comics), and Senior Advisor to IDW Media Holdings. I recently read it, and it made for quite the page-turner, and there are so many nuggets to share. You can follow along with a few I wrote with this tag[...]
Why On Earth Was The World's Strongest Man Held In Chengdu, China?
Chris Fenton was president of the China-based DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group, General Manager of DMG North America (owners of Valiant Comics), and Senior Advisor to IDW Media Holdings. He has now written a book, Feeding The Dragon, looking at his career, getting American movies into Chinese markets, notably Looper and Iron Man 3. I recently read it, and it made for quite the[...]