New York City Police Department Insists It Did Not Arrest Wolverine

The NYPD is denying rumors that it has arrested Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine, according to a tweet by the NYPD's official verified Twitter account. Officers from the department's 52nd precinct responded to a domestic violence call and confiscated what appears to be a large jar of marijuana, several 100 dollar bills, a machete, a pistol, and Wolverine's claws, prompting the need to state that they did not arrest the mutant.

It's left unclear, at this point, however, whether Wolverine was involved in the incident. Did the police not arrest Wolverine because he's a fictional character and wasn't actually at the scene of the investigation? Or were they simply unable to arrest him because he flew into a berserker rage and cut his way out of the situation while calling everyone "bub?" Or perhaps they simply don't have the authority, as Wolverine has diplomatic immunity as an official of the country of Krakoa?

These questions remain unanswered, so hopefully we'll learn more from the upcoming court case. If Wolverine is, in fact, called to testify, we hope that the prosecutor will ask Wolverine, on the record, how many dicks he has. Bleeding Cool will follow this case and update you if we learn any more about Wolverine's possible fugitive status and whether or not the cops were wearing Punisher skulls when they tried to arrest him.

New York City Police Department Insists It Did Not Arrest Wolverine

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