Nick Spencer Explains Why It's OK For Marvel To Spoil Secret Empire

Spoilers are bad. They ruin people's enjoyment of comics, and they undermine the efforts of creators to tell compelling stories. Unless the spoilers are coming from Marvel itself, through sanctioned articles on mainstream media outlets. Then, the spoilers are good. Or, at least, inevitable.

Just ask Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who responded on Twitter to Marvel spoiling the ending to Secret Empire in the New York Times.

One idea: don't spoil the ending in the New York Times. But that ship has sailed. One intrepid follower had a response for Spencer: Bleeding Cool Spoilermonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston.

Did you know that Rich Johnston and superstar writer Kieron Gillen are such good friends they're on a first-name basis? In case you didn't, Rich reminds us as often as possible.

Meanwhile, Marvel executive Tom Brevoort took a shot at Johnston's motives for decrying spoilers, but left himself open to the exact same criticism:

Nick Spencer Explains Why It's OK For Marvel To Spoil Secret Empire

Spencer moved on to rehashing one of his classic talking points about Secret Empire: that people who don't like it simply don't understand what it's trying to say.

It's true. Spencer has been very clear about what he intended Secret Empire to say. He's got thousands of tweets on the subject to back that up. But does what Spencer says on Twitter really matter, or is it what's in the actual comic book that counts? If readers are consistently getting something different out of reading the book, is that their fault for failing to study Nick Spencer's tweets, or should the story's message have been clearer?

Those lofty questions are above our pay grade, unfortunately. What's your take?

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