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Tom Brevoort Says Avengers & Avengers Forever 'Collide In Holocaust'
On the Forbidden Planet TV podcast talking to Andrew Sumner, Marvel Senior Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking about upcoming plans, including what's happening with Jason Aaron and the Avengers comics Talking about the two titles Avengers and Avengers Forever, even as the former gets tied up in the X-Men/Eternals/Avengers crossover Judgment Day, that the two Avengers titles will[...]
The Punisher Gets A New Logo For 2022
Showing us Frank Castle seemingly working – indeed, leading – classic Marvel ninja group The Hand, sporting a sai or three, rather than guns as well as a new Devil Horns logo rather than the traditional skull image. On the Forbidden Planet TV podcast talking to Andrew Sumner, Marvel Senior Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking about upcoming[...]
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One): More Details, HQ Pics
Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing talked about the effect that the opening of the new Spider-Man movie has had – aside from seeing Spider-Man top the comic book charts for the last three weeks, as well as breaking box office records Tom tweeted the current state of reality; "Ever since Spider-Man[...]