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When Bill Jemas Was Going To Write Captain Marvel, Then Harlan Ellison
Tom Brevoort has been celebrating 25 years as editor of The Avengers and is wondering who can match his length on any one book in an editorial capacity But he has also taken the opportunity in his newsletter to reminisce about the Marville/Captain Marvel/.Ultimate Adventures U-Decide debacle We remembered that recently with the passing of[...]
Marvel's Fantastic Four To Be Less Dan Slott Cosmic, More Black Mirror
In his most recent Forbidden Planet vlog guest spot, Marvel EVP Tom Brevoort talked about the upcoming Fantastic Four series, relaunching from Marvel Comics The series has recently seen Dan Slott telltale of large cosmic battles across all of reality, including Empyre and The Reckoning War, concluding by expanding the breadth of the Marvel Universe by ten[...]
A "Recognisable Marvel Entity" is Behind All-Out Avengers
In his most recent Forbidden Planet vlog guest spot, Marvel EVP Tom Brevoort talked to Andrew Sumner about what is behind the new action-packed series from Marvel Comics. "Every issue starts in the middle of action and races to a climax like it's a very action-oriented series There's not a lot of setup and the idea[...]
Tom Brevoort States That AXE One-Shots Are Really Judgment Day #5A, #5B & #5C
In his most recent Forbidden Planet vlog guest spot, Marvel EVP Tom Brevoort talked about the upcoming A.X.E Judgment Day crossover between Avengers, X-Men and Eternals. "It seemed initially to simply be a conflict between the Eternals and the X-Men in which the Avengers got caught in the middle and what it's sort ofblown up into,[...]
Full Marvel Comics November 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
In his most recent Forbidden Planet vlog guest spot, Marvel EVP Tom Brevoort talked about the upcoming Avengers Assemble crossover Even that is its a crossover He tells Andrew Sumner about how the current Avengers ongoing series… "is in the middle of the History's Heroes arc in which the Avengers have travelled backwards in time to[...]
Tom Brevoort Says Avengers & Avengers Forever 'Collide In Holocaust'
On the Forbidden Planet TV podcast talking to Andrew Sumner, Marvel Senior Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking about upcoming plans, including what's happening with Jason Aaron and the Avengers comics Talking about the two titles Avengers and Avengers Forever, even as the former gets tied up in the X-Men/Eternals/Avengers crossover Judgment Day, that the two Avengers titles will[...]
The Punisher Gets A New Logo For 2022
Showing us Frank Castle seemingly working – indeed, leading – classic Marvel ninja group The Hand, sporting a sai or three, rather than guns as well as a new Devil Horns logo rather than the traditional skull image. On the Forbidden Planet TV podcast talking to Andrew Sumner, Marvel Senior Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking about upcoming[...]
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One): More Details, HQ Pics
Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing talked about the effect that the opening of the new Spider-Man movie has had – aside from seeing Spider-Man top the comic book charts for the last three weeks, as well as breaking box office records Tom tweeted the current state of reality; "Ever since Spider-Man[...]
Tom Brevoort Posts Alan Moore's Script For Guernica
Tom Brevoort, Marvel Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing, posted the original artwork of one page by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons from one of Marvel's publications at the time, Heroes, in which the events of the destruction of the World Trade Center, were seen in the context of other events of such[...]
Dan Slott Episode Of Marvel 616 No Laughing Matter For Some
Not unless they are, it seems, Tom Brevoort. But with Marvel 616, Marvel executive editor SVP Tom Brevoort and Dan Slott have seemed to decide on ninja PR by hiding the situation in plain sight Making a joke out of it Lampshading the whole situation But some people don't seem to appreciate the joke. And they feel[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Tom Brevoort vs. Tom King for Mark Doyle's Honor
Marvel Comics executive editor and Blues Traveller vocalist Tom Brevoort fired shots at "former" CIA Operative and DC Comics superstar writer Tom King over King's comments about editor Mark Doyle leaving DC Comics Doyle's departure from DC was first reported by Bleeding Cool back in August, part of what has been described as a bloodbath[...]
John Byrne at NYCC
Wolverine is a superhero with an iconic look with and without his mask on, but if legendary artist John Byrne had his way, the Logan we know and love might have looked a lot different. Photo by Luigi Novi / CC BY ( Marvel executive Tom Brevoort has been sharing old Marvel artwork on Twitter to pass[...]
The Daily LITG, 17th January 2020, Happy Birthday Tom Brevoort
PEER, 97-99 Hoxton Street, Hoxton, London,  7-9pm. And a happy birthday to… By Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0 Tom Brevoort, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Executive Editor Ann Nocenti, writer on Marvel Comics Presents, Seeds, co-creator of Typhoid Mary, Blackheart, Longshot, Mojo, and Spiral. Dale Lazarov, graphic novelist Tony Bedard, co-creator of Negation and Retro Rocket, writer on Exiles, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern. D.J[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
He's a voice of change within the organization and we've already early signs of seismic change including the departure of Roger Fletcher, promotion of various VPs at Diamond, and consolidation of the leadership between Diamond and Alliance. Tom Brevoort (Up) Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing at Marvel Comics, overseeing Marvel's line, and as[...]
When the Post Office Ruined Fantastic Four for Tom Brevoort
Marvel Executive Tom Brevoort was expecting a very nice page of Aaron Kuder artwork for his collection, but his local postal service had other ideas in mind for the longtime Marvel employee Brevoort posted a photo to Twitter showing a page from Fantastic Four #5, the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters According to[...]
If you've ever wondered why Marvel comics seem to make less and less sense within the shared continuity of their own universe, with characters appearing in multiple books in the same months on completely different adventures and world-threatening events like invading celestial hosts going apparently unnoticed in other titles, perhaps Marvel Executive Vice President Tom[...]