The Nickel City's Hero Has Returned


Kevin Montpellier  writes,

Following the success of issue #1, it looks like everyone wants more "Big Nick". As such, we put together a sequel for the ages! Get ready to laugh cry and be moved by this literary and artistic slugfest! (Emotional outbursts not guaranteed).

If you are looking for a comic which will make you laugh while providing awesome action scenes, look no further. The Big Nick #2 Kickstarter campaign was recently launched and subsequently funded within a week. That means, if you pledge, you will get your comic.


Big Nick #2 starts off at a ceremony where the nickel City mayor is set to unveil an honorary monument to commemorate the hero's deeds. Unfortunately, celebrations are cut short with the arrival of a living mountain. Join Big Nick as he faces off against his biggest foe yet, the colossal Bedrock Titan! Where did it come from and why is it so darn mad?


We have about 18 days left in the Kickstarter campaign and would truly appreciate your support.

Never heard of Big Nick?

If you are like us, and would like to read issue #1 before the sequel, we've got you covered. Many of our reward tiers include the first issue.


For those who prefer jumping right into the sequel, this is what you'll need to know. Nick Murray is a mine rescue worker who mysteriously disappeared during a mine cave in. Thirty years later, he emerged not having aged a single day, and with amazing new powers. Nick is now able to manipulate rock and minerals, as well as grow to gigantic proportions. At his peak size, Nick uses the city's Big Nickel monument (This is a real thing!), much like Captain America uses his iconic shield.

In the first issue, Nick battles robotically enhanced creatures while also grappling with the fact that mullets and Betamax are no longer cool. The action packed comedy culminates in a battle with a giant robotic moose. Yes, you read that right!


How did Big Nick reach a larger audience?

You never know which project will resonate with fans. For Expired Comics, our surprise success was Big Nick. Prior to launching Big Nick, we had produced the MorningWood Guardian, Earth's Finest and the Brass Knuckle series. Although each project was very well received by fans, we did not know how to "sell" our projects to garner the media's attention.

With the release Big Nick issue #1, we struck a chord with media and fans. We hadn't changed our formula. Much like our other projects, Big Nick is a blend of action and comedy. So what was different?

Looking back at the release, we identified the "why" behind the additional media coverage. We set our story and character in a real mid-size city which would appreciate being featured in a comic. We then made sure that the city's unique culture was showcased and that our audience could relate with the characters.

We then teamed up a local comic convention which worked with us to promote the project. In our case, by creating Big Nick, we legitimized their inaugural event and in exchange they put us in the spotlight.

In summary, by creating an original comic showcasing a great city and its people, we generated "buzz", which in turn allowed us to set up interviews with various media outlets. Once you've been featured in a newspaper, a television program or a radio show, it is much easier to book another.

A big thank you to those who have already supported. For those who would like to support please check out the campaign. For more on Expired Comics, please take a look at our website.



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