Numbercrunching Some Recent Comics Book Statistics

Civil_War_II_1_CoverAs gathered from San Diego Comic-Con and other places. A few statistical points in your graph.

425,000  – Including the upcoming second printing, Marvel Comics have sold this many copies of Civil War II #1.

200,000 – Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 with its seven printings has sold this many

245,000 – The first volume of The Wicked And The Divine by Gillen and McKelvie has sold this many. Can someone please buy 5000 more so they can have a nice headline?

500,000 – Boom! have sold almost this many copies of Lumberjanes.

100,000 – Valiant will be giving away this many copies of Faith #1 second print for free to retailers in bundles of 20.

DC Comics now sell more collections than individual monthly comics.


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