NYCC '15: Talking Batman Without Batman – The Bat-Universe Panel

By Madeline Ricchiuto

Peter Tomasi, Khary Rudolph, Tom King, Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, Amy Chu, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo got together to talk Batman on the Empire Stage.

IMG_2546Revealed the covers of Batman #45 and #46, which is where the arc really begins to "ramp up" according to Snyder. Batman "hits someone with two sharks… Like nunchucks" in this issue. So the series is almost literally jumping the shark at this point. Bruce Wayne does not become Batman again, but "begins to see the seeds" in 46, of so says Greg Capullo.

Capullo and Snyder then discussed the creation of Mr. Bloom. "Its a guy who just has a flower on his mask, its really creepy… Bloom is like a weed" was apparently how the character was originally described to Capullo. So, that explains something about Snyder's creative process.

Tynion tried to sell Batman And Robin Eternal to the audience as "This is the 75th Anniversary of Dick Grayson as Robin," which focuses on a dual-timeline story about a Batman villain. Perhaps the best point of this book is that it reintroduces Cassandra Cain back. "That may not be the only character we're being back."

Detective Comics #45 and 46 are about the Justice League trying to deal with Jim Gordon as Batman, teaming up to take care of "a surprise monster" that shows up. Which should prove interesting, though to focus of the script is mostly the JLA questioning Gordon about what it is he is doing, being a cop and Batman.

Chu's upcoming Poison Ivy comic is a glimpse into Ivy, as well as proof that she is "like Lex Luthor smart," as Ivy will be back working at the Gotham Botanical Gardens as a botanist and investigating a murder that she has been implicated in. May prove interesting

Khary spoke about his work on We Are Robin "We're more like street level… I watch a lot of Warriors so I'm trying to put as much hip hop as I can in it… We have Robin War coming up and… I'm ready to justget crackin' on it."

Robin War will hitin December, "its a cool, big Summer event in December." Said King. "These kids are running around trying to be Batman but not everyone can be Batman… So there's a lot of trouble, and then eventually Gotham is on fire and then Dick Grayson will show up and fix everything because he's Dick Grayson." Which, yeah okay, you got me DC. I will definitely buy that and hate that I love it.

"Weant to raise Dick Graysonto the fourth tier of heroes with this event" as he will be in a quarter of the DC titles in December . In the main Grayson series, Dick will finally be fighting against Spyral in Grayson #13. There was a lot of love for Grayson #12's Dick and Damian reunion among the panelists, which was certainly a decent issue of a terrible book.

That was the end of the Bat-Universe panel, which is the kind of Batman panel I like. We spend a whole lot of time talking about everyone but Bruce Wayne (yeah, come at me internet).

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