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Which DC Character Will Be Most Affected By Villain's Month?

DC Comics states that Buzzfeed exclusively announced Villain's Month earlier this week. Funny, I'm sure we did that, back in November. Anyway, they did report this exchange; Will Villain Month have any major repercussions? Is there a chance that some of the heroes won't make it through September? DD: They might make it through September, […]

HeroesCon To Clash With Republican Convention In Charlotte This Weekend

This could be fun. From today, through the weekend, HeroesCon kicks off at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina. Also starting today is the North Carolina Republican Annual State Convention. Also at the Charlotte Convention Center. How easy will it be to tell the two attendee groups  apart, do you think? And will we […]

Jock To Write And Draw A Very Savage Wolverine Indeed

USA Today has reported that British comics creator Jock is to take on the Savage Wolverine title after Joe Madueira and Zeb Wells's short run on the book. And that he'll be writing and drawing the book. Jock, the co-re-imagined of The Losers and co-creator of Snapshot from Rebellion and Image, is best known for […]

A New, Blacker, Mightier Avengers

We mentioned that something big was coming from Al Ewing at Marvel, the other day. didnt know it was this big. Marvel Comics have announced a new Mighty Avengers comic starting in September by Al Ewing and Greg Land, tying in with the Infinity crossover event. DC may be all about the villains that month, […]

When Batman Sits Down (UPDATE)

Paul Jenkins has been replying to comments in the thread from his recent Bleeding Cool interview that seems to have touched many a nerve. But it may have brought up a question even more important than maintaining good working relationships between creators and publishers. The question of whether or not Batman sits down. Paul writes; […]

DC's Claws Back Marketshare And Starts To Steady Against Marvel

In April, DC Comics's marketshare of the direct market in comic books had dropped again down to 25.98% of money spent and 27.73% of comics sold, against Marvel's 37.95% and 41.78% while Image moved up to 9.04% and 9.87% In May, however, DC Comics managed to claw some of that back again, claiming 28.27% and […]

She's A Rocket Girl

Joseph Kyle Schmidt writes; Some time in the past…. "Rocket Girl." Two words, seemingly random, said by Brandon Montclare to Amy Reeder. Cut to the present. The two are wrapping up their second successful Kickstarter campaign in just as many years, and now they're that much closer toward putting their latest collaboration in stores. You […]

So What Exactly Does M.A.W. Stand For In Superman Unchained?

I feel a little like Crocodile Dundee, reading Buzzfeed's 8 Spoilers About Superman Unchained article. "That? That's not a spoiler. This is a spoiler!" But you'll have to wait for our Wonder Woman coverage later today for that. We do however learn that Lex Luthor is in a new Metropolis prison designed by Jim Lee […]

A Gendercrunching Special – DC's Villain's Month Solicitations

Tim Hanley writes; With DC Comics' "Villain Month" all the rage this week, we've got an extra edition of Gendercrunching to delve into the solicits for all of the evil comics we'll get this September. Two years ago, DC's New 52 relaunch received a lot of criticism for their lack of female creators. They only […]

Topping Off Villain Month – Thursday Trending Topics

Somewhere, a lenticular printer is making plans for a very merry Christmas. Add the four Forever Evil books and that makes up the 56 titles of the Villain Month Omnibus. But do they count? Or is that it for the New DCU in September? Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday: Avengers Arena Spoilers, A Major Character Death, […]

ComiXology Glitch: Tales Of Wonderland Omnibus For 99 Cents

It may not be a glitch per se. But it's an interesting way of doing business. ComiXology are running a sale on the Zenescope Wonderland comics. You know, part of their classic fairytale stories retold as sexploitative gore comics. Their individual issues of the Wonderland books are all 99 cents and the annuals $1.99. The […]

California College Of The Arts Reveals Its Comics Programming For July

The California College Of The Arts unveils its July guest speaker programming for its Comics MFA course… The Speakers: Cathy Malkasian, Friday, July 5th, 6pm Writers Studio Cathy Malkasian is an animation director and Eisner-winning cartoonist. Her credits include Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys film (for which she received a British Academy Award nomination), and most recently, over 20 episodes […]

Shane Davis Draws Man Of Steel/RAM Print Ad

This art by Superman Earth One artist Shane Davis is being used in print ads by RAM Trucks, linking to their new Man Of Steel cross promotional TV ad. [youtube][/youtube] They seem to have a special edition version of the truck to play with as well… The Man-Of-Steeled-up truck will be on display at the […]

Empowered – Having Your Cheesecake And Eating It

A version of this article appeared in yesterday's New York Post; There's an new issue of the comic Empowered by Adam Warren out today from Dark Horse Comics. The comic that loves to have its cake and eat it. Because, yes, we get scenes such as the above. But then it gets metatextualised as all […]

Having Problems With Your Wolverine Adamantium Collection Digital Code?

A reader writes; The Wolverine Adamantium Collection doesn't include a digital download code for the whole book, as the "BONUS DIGITAL EDITION" sticker would lead you to believe… It's just the bonus material, IE, covers and essays. Kind of sucks since the giant version is almost unreadable it's so big. Never fear, dear reader. It […]

ComiXology All Over The World – Gods Among You

China seem to be big fans of Rogue losing her virginity to The Sentry. But for the rest of the world it seems to be all about Injustice: Gods Among Us, often with two chapters in each country's top ten chart. Though Spain do seem to prefer Locke And Key and Rachel Rising. But how […]