Squee! Jhonen Vasquez Gets Animated

Robb Orr writes for Bleeding Cool


Just as we informed you homicidal maniacs about 11 months ago during the Emerald City Comicon, Jhonen Vasquez's dark and hilarious SQUEE! comics are being adapted into an animated project by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim staple, Titmouse Inc. So how's that highly-anticipated project coming along? Judging from the answer to a fan's query on Jhonen Vasquez's wildly entertaining Tumblr account, it sounds like everything is coming along [ahem] swimmingly–as well as some OTHER new Vasquez inspired animated projects! OTHER Vasquez animated projects?!


 What's this? THREE animated projects now? Could one of them possibly be the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac animated series that fans have been demanding for years? And what could the other mystery project be? As the creator of the phenomenal Invader Zim series, Mr. Vasquez is no stranger to the world of animation. He's most recently done character design for Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, as well as writing for Bravest Warriors from Pendelton Ward (the creator of Adventure Time). The mind boggles at what could be next. Maybe these other two projects are completely new properties? Far be it from us at Bleeding Cool to speculate (but feel free to do so in the comments). Please let all this animated awesome sauce be reflected on our glassy eyeballs in the very near future!


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