Mark Waid Talks With Victor Gischler About Teaming Up Miss Fury And the Black Sparrow For Noir

Mark Waid once more slips on his Clark Kent glasses and interviews Victor Gischler about the Dynamite Entertainment series Noir featuring Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow.

Mark Waid: Victor, as the Green Hornet writer, I love my early pulp-roots heroes, and obviously so do you. What is it about these characters that appeals?

Victor Gischler: Whether a book is set in 1938 or 2014, characters still deal with matters of love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong. So on a very human level, we're not doing things so differently. However, we are telling stories in a completely different context by which I mean the world of 1938 is so different that it's almost alien. No smart phones. No Google. No email or microwave ovens. Places like Asia and Africa are REALLY far away. I love researching 1930-40's cars and guns and clothing for these pulp characters. So I think the appeal for me is that it's both familiar yet very different at the same time.

MW: Talk to me a little about the cast. Who's there, how do they relate to one another, and what about them (if anything) are you drawing from your own life?

VG: Wow … I hope none of my own life has anything to do with this cast of characters. As the name "NOIR" might suggest, even the "good guys" are not people you'd want to trust completely. Both Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow have shown at one time or another that they are maybe people you don't want to turn your backs on. And the bad guys are just creepy. They have a personal doctor to give them shots to boost them. It's all wonderfully pulpy and strange. Oh, and there's a Mohawk Indian in there too.

MW: Would you have written this story any differently if it had starred two men rather than two women?

VG: Not on purpose, but looking back, I think I have. There is a vague Thelma & Louise sisters bond thing between Fury and Sparrow (sort of) that developed a bit more quickly than if I'd been writing two men. Two masked dudes would have probably insisted on some kind of pissing contest or trash talk or something before teaming up.

MW: What is it about this story that makes you passionate to tell it?

VG: I think just the sheer pulpiness of it. I've taken an Indiana Jones style adventure and given it a noir edge with the attitude of the characters. These are things that hit my FUN buttons hard.

MW: Fill in the blanks for me: If you're a fan of ____________ and _____________, you will really like Noir.

VG: If you're a fan of POP ROCKS and ABBA, you will really like Noir.

Okay NOT REALLY. Let's try again …

If you're a fan of Adventure and Pulp, you will really like Noir.

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