Power Girl's Costume Back Under The Spotlight, As Harley Quinn Finds An Architect She Really, Really Likes

lukwqdksmvoaomowwzy2Alien cities! Full of bulbous skyscrapers, thrusting into the blue. or the green. Or the purple.


Though some do look a little painful. But in this week's Harley Quinn & Power Girl, they encounter an alien city that would make HR Giger blush.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl (2015-) 003-003There does appear to be a certain theme. And one Harley Quinn is clearly familiar with.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl (2015-) 003-004Oh Harley… and of course Lord Vartox has his own issues to deal with, least of all his costume. And analysis of Power Girl's look – and especially the "boob window".

Harley Quinn and Power Girl (2015-) 003-020

Ah the old "distraction" argument. Flashback to Superman/Batman anyone?

Power-Girls-breasts-are-used-as-plot-device Yes… still there is a little hypocrisy going on hre.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl (2015-) 003-021As Power Girl is happy to point out.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl (2015-) 003-021aOkay… if anyone online tries to use the Vartox "feminist" line as a quote, make sure to follow it up with this one…




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