Pump Up Your Sympathy Meter With The Woods #11

351fea92ded9bac38cc19cd0e78167bb_xlThe Woods from BOOM Studios!, created and written by James Tynion IV, with art by Michael Dialynas and colors by Josan Gonzalez has become one of my favorite comics since I hopped on the bandwagon a few months ago. The complex storyline in combination with the relatable cast of characters continues to make this book a unique treasure. Tynion continues to deliver an excellent script in issue #11, and while it is packed with a lot of detail to build the plot, it still maintains a great pace. The relationships that he creates in this chaotic setting truly put things in perspective. Plus, Dialynas' provides us with some extremely emotional close-ups of a few main characters that are sure to pump up your sympathy meter. Also, I could gaze at those purple monster beasts for hours.

As the plot progresses, things inevitably become more complicated for all of the characters. For me, the most exciting thing about this issue was the fact that we finally get to check back in at the school. It seems like forever since we've seen Maria and everyone else for that matter, but when Sanami and the Hunters finally reach the school, we get to see the chaos that's taken place. With that, comes an issue that bounces around from setting to setting, as we check in on all areas of conflict. Don't be discouraged by the amount of information you get throughout the issue, because it's clear that we are building to some very explosive moments.

I've mentioned before how much I love the relationship that has formed between Issac and Ben. We get to see their bond further develop and what a good influence Ben is on Issac. However, when Adrian returns, the flow changes. I think it's very smart the way Tynion plays the two relationships off of each other. It's clear that Issac is still so tied to Adrian, and worries about what he thinks. But as a reader it's easy to see that it is so much more influential for Issac to spend time with Ben, who is a positive force. None the less, the relationships that Tynion has created continue to feel relatable, which makes reading The Woods so addicting. I can't wait to see how things continue from here!

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