A Neal Adams 70th Birthday Cover Gallery

A Neal Adams 70th Birthday Cover GalleryAccording to both Wikipedia and my go-to industry birthday guy Tom Spurgeon, Neal Adams turns 70 today. I can't let that pass without a post. As I told someone on twitter this morning, your first reaction to that is "wow, Neal Adams can't be 70!" and then you think about all the stuff he's done for decades — and is still doing today, such as the upcoming Avengers point one book with Bendis. I was going to quickly put together a post of some of my favorite Adams covers but it just goes on and on and on.

I guess I can't tell you much about Adams that you can't learn from his wiki entry, but I will say this: He has moved the needle both artistically and professionally in comics, and the list of people you can say that about is pretty short. On the eve of the release of the Green Lantern movie, I think it's particularly appropriate to note that comics would be a different world without him.

Update: Adams' personal facebook page indicates his birthday is June 15, so perhaps we're a couple days early.  But no matter…!  Happy birthday, sir.

Here's a gallery of some favorites and some lesser-known covers you might not have seen before. Click through to embiggen.

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