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LATE: Neal Adams' Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul #4 Slips Into 2020

LATE: Neal Adams' Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul #4 Slips Into 2020

Last week we reported that Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul #4 by Neal Adams had slipped first from the 20th of November, then to the 4th of December and then to the 11th December. We speculated if it would slip any further, and get sucked into DC's Massive Week of the 18th of December. Seems […]

Neal Adams Launches Savage Sketchbook at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Neal Adams Launches Savage Sketchbook at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

You know Neal Adams' massive San Diego Comic-Con booths. Less a comic store booth, more a fully stocked corner store. And here's what he'll be filling it up with at Booth 1815… and you can keep an eye on other SDCC exclusives with this handy tag. Neal Adams Exclusive 2019 Savage 3 Sketchbook. Signed by […]

Man-Bat, Detective Comics #400, and What Really Ended The Silver Age

Man-Bat, Detective Comics #400, and What Really Ended The Silver Age

Collectors like boundaries. We like to know when things start, and when they stop.  Knowing such things is an important requirement, because otherwise… well, you can't just collect all the comic books, can you? Because even monetary demands aside, then pretty soon you'd have to have a warehouse to put all that vintage paper in […]

Batman #50 cover by Mikel Janin

Advance Review: Batman #50 – Profoundly Unsatisfying [Spoiler-Free]

The day of Batman and Catwoman's wedding has arrived at last, and the two gather their witnesses and a judge to marry them off at dawn on a rooftop in downtown Gotham. While they prepare, Bruce and Selina individually reminisce about their times together, each other, and how their relationship has developed over the years. […]

stan lee drawn by neal adams

An Open Letter from Neal Adams Regarding Stan Lee #StandByStan

Legendary comic book creator Neal Adams has written this open letter regarding fellow legendary comic book creator Stan Lee and his current situation.* He writes: To whom it may concern, I know Stan Lee as well as one can, having not had daily contact with Stan. I have met his wife, who was a charming, […]

Red Giant Entertainment May

Markiplier Comes to an End and Neal Adams's Villain Rolls on: Red Giant Entertainment May 2018 Solicits

Benny Powell, Tina Francesco, and Markiplier's Red Giant series comes to an end. Neal Adams, William Applegate, and Mikael Bergkvist's Villain reaches its fourth issue with the finale coming up next. All of this comes from Red Giant's May 2018 solicits. More details below. MAR181853 DUEL IDENTITY #3 (W) Elaine Lee (A/CA) Jonathan Lam Artemis falls deeper into the charade she must play in […]

Markiplier And Neal Adams Coming At You: Red Giant February 2018 Solicits

Markiplier's Red Giant Entertainment comic continues its run with a Army of Darkness-inspired cover by artist Andre Siregar. Plus, Neal Adams' The Villain comic continues its miniseries run with other creators William Applegate and Mikael Bergkvist. Details are below. MARKIPLIER #3 (OF 4) (W) Benny Powell, Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach (A) Jinky Coronado, Mauro Mandalari (CA) Andre Siregar With over 19 million subscribers, Markiplier […]

Deadman #1 cover by Neal Adams; Deadman review

Deadman #1 Review: Solid Art, But A Dense And Confusing Plot

Commissioner Gordon is inspecting a nuclear power plant in Gotham. Unfortunately, the assassin known as Hook, who killed Boston Brand, was hired to murder Gordon. Deadman is on the trail of the assassin, but can he save the Commissioner? There's more to this plot, but, for the life of me, I had a pretty difficult […]

DC Comics Master Class Panel NYCC 1

DC Comics Gathers Their Heavy Hitters For A Master Class At NYCC

It's Saturday evening. Do you know where your DC Superstars are? They're at the DC Master Class panel at New York Comic Con at the Javits Center, of course! Hosted by Dan DiDio to an incredibly packed room that had ran out of seats but still had people wanting to come in, the panel consisted […]

Bloodshot Icon

Valiant Unveils Bloodshot Icons Covers From Johnson, Fabry, Adams, Camuncoli, and More

Valiant has announced a new line of variant covers for their upcoming Bloodshot Salvation series. The new Bloodshot Icons variants are being done by Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Glenn Fabry (Preacher), Neal Adams (Green Lantern / Green Arrow), Cully Hamner (Red) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Superior Spider-Man). The Icon variant will first appear on Bloodshot Savlation […]

Very Sassy Batman Statue Leads DC Collectibles January 2018 Offerings

DC has revealed that a gorgeous and highly collectible Very Sassy Batman Statue from Batman: Black & White by John Romita Jr. will be released in January, 2018, via a press release today. Though the statue measures in at just 7.69 inches tall, when it comes to attitude, it towers above all others. Based on JRJr's […]

75 Years Of The Emerald Archer

It's been 75 years since Mort Weisinger and George Papp saw the publication of their More Fun Comics #73 (Nov 1941). It was the first time readers got to see billionaire businessman Oliver Queen done the Robin Hood inspired costume of the Green Arrow. Weisinger drew inspiration from more than just Robin Hood, there are elements that […]

Neal Adams Is 'Definitely' Not Writing New Deadman For DC – Fan Expo Dallas

Brandon Wainerdi writes, video by Jason Kauzlarich, Bleeding Cool took five minutes to sit down with comic book "royalty" Neal Adams to learn about the upcoming slate of Adams-verse material for DC and beyond. When we introduced ourselves as, he feigned ignorance but, as you can tell in the video, we are glad for […]

X-O Manowar's 50 Artist Jam Cover

Yesterday Rich pulled together all the different contributions to the 50 artist jam cover that Valiant has created for X-O Manowar #50. Now, the publisher has released the image of the complete cover with all the different artists work on it. The book ships this September and is the final issue on the series that […]

Neal Adams And Tony Bedard To Create Compare The Meerkat DC Comic Book

We showed you how British price comparison site Compare The Market – who have used as their mascot for years, Easter European meerkats of fake rival site Compare The Meerket – have been creating Batman V Superman promotional activity. Well, they have now taken it further, teaming with Neal Adams and Tony Bedard to create […]

Classic Red Sonja To Start Your Day

Let's kick off Sunday with two classic adventures of Red Sonja from her days at Marvel Comics and republished by Dynamite Entertainment. Both stories are written by Roy Thomas with the first one being drawn by the trio of Esteban Maroto, Neal Adams and Ernie Chan and the second from Dick Giordano. This issue of […]

A Friendly Face and a Helping Hand from Neal Adams at Wondercon

Wondercon is now two days behind me and I have a number of articles to write, along with getting back to my real job and spending time with my family. But I want to share this because it was unexpected, and it involves someone who sometimes has a lot negative crap talked about him. It […]