Alan Grant Appeals To Joel Silver To Get In Touch

24102009199 At the MCM London Expo a couple of weeks ago, during a panel on comic book adaptations, Alan Grant stated that neither Keith Giffen (co-creator of Lobo), he nor Simon Bisley (developers of the character into the one we know and love today)  had been contacted by anyone involved with the new Joel Silver/Guy Ritchie Lobo movie. And he rather wishes they would.

No mention of Roger Silfer, the other co-creator of Lobo, though…

And although Grant was disparaging of any attempt to make a PG-13 Lobo film, with the emphasis on comic book-to-movie veracity of late, and seeing the love given to Andy Diggle and Jock by those involved with the Losers movie at MCM London Expo, even though that was as much a work-for-hire job as Lobo, that may be a mistake.

DC and Warners did not choose to comment on this situation (though it took a while to find that out.)

Grant has shown himself willing to work with all sorts of people, including those adapting his work-for-hire content. He's a very different beast to, say, Alan Moore, who kicked off over the V For Vendetta movie and Joel Silver's comments that indicated Moore supported the movie effort, leading Moore to take his name off V For Vendetta the movie and to pull League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen from DC/Wildstorm.

In similar news, Alan Grant also answered my question to the stage, that, no, neither he nor John Wagner had seen the Alex Garland Judge Dredd script or had been approached by Rebellion over the plans for a new Judge Dredd movie.

However I understand that this isn't quite the case – while Rebellion haven't being talking to Alan Grant, and he did have a reported falling out with the company a while ago, I understand that Wagner is fully up to speed on the movie scripts and reportedly is happy with what he's seen. As is Jock, who is working on concept art for the new rebooted movie.

Marvel learned with Marvel Studios and the Marvel Brain Trust. DC have had Wolfman, Morrison and Johns at work on a number of their screenplays. But that's only on the properties they can directly influence – not all projects are so lucky.

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