As Mark Millar Embraces Digital, Nick Lowe Rejects It (UPDATE)

Mark Millar recently wrote in CBR about his decision to embrace day-and-date digital comics release for his Millarworld titles. Previously he'd insisted on delays to digital releases of his books in order to support comic book stores selling the comic in print, but had changed his mind, stating that the print comics market wasn't being damaged by digital distribution, and citing Mark Waid as saying the only person he was hurting were people who didn't live near a comic store.


Oh and that image is from today's Starlight #1 by Millar and Parlov, available in print and digitally today. The future?

But also out today is Moon Knight #1 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. With a very different message in the back from editor Nick Lowe. Launching the letters page, Going Postal, they declare "Going Postal will only accept hand-written snail mail (or POST, get it?) Emailed letters will not be accepted, nor will typed and mailed letters. We want your cat scratch!"


Warren was a digital innovator in comic books, launching the Warren Ellis Forum and a number of blogs, webcomics and mailing lists over the years. It seems odd to see a comic that he's launching take such a zag-zigging approach. But Nick Lowe has just been promoted, clearly he is, to quote Tom Hiddleston, obessed with power!

Green ink for preference, yes?

 Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

Originally this piece claimed that Warren Ellis was behind the Moon Knight decision. We have been made very aware that Ellis does not set Marvel policy in this matter.

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